About Us


Color Your World cropped-gary-guzman-greenhouse.jpgNursey and Guzman’s Greenhouse are owned and operated by Gary Guzman. Color your world has been in business since 2002 and Guzman’s Greenhouse has been in business since November of 2014.

Both businesses are family owned and managed by other family members.

Gary has over 30 years in the retail gardening niche. He knows plants, trees, shrubs and a multitude of gardening information inbetween.


The Guzman Family


Bottom row – Xavier and Darrin Guzman Diaz.
Second row – Brianna Guzman, Felipe Guzman Sr., Jovanna Guzman, Jazmin Guzman Diaz. Mario Diaz.
Back row – Paul Guzman, Matthew Guzman, Edward Guzman, Gary Guzman, Lydia Armenta Guzman, Phillip Guzman, Dominic Guzman.