Grow your own food Healthy Lifestyle

  Grow your own food Healthy Lifestyle Flower gardens can be absolutely stunning. A properly landscaped garden is more than an eye-pleaser. It creates a healthy environment for families to spend time together as well as creating a filter for all those negative CO2 emissions that come with living in cramped cities. A garden is a […]

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fantastic growing TOMATOES on the terrace of the apartment building in the city

How to start a container garden

You will have to decide if you want to grow vegetables or flowering plants? Indoors and outdoor container gardening does require different gardening rules.  There are some things you should know before you start buying plants, pots, soil, tools and fertilizers.  For one, you will need to know your gardening zone, climate and the time […]

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Portrait of happy senior couple gardening in the park on a sunny

Gardening Safety Tips for Seniors

We often hear of seniors being encouraged to take up gardening, but how safe is it as an activity for the older generation? There’s no doubt that there are numerous benefits of gardening for people of all ages. But for older people, gardening helps maintain muscle strength, reduce depression and encourages a more positive outlook on life. Yet, […]

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Xeriscape landscaping ideas

Gardening full time is a great way to relax, then enjoy the fruits of your labor.  But there are still those who have a hard time gardening or don’t want to bother going outdoors and enjoy their landscape area.  Whether you have too much going on at work or too many kids to take care […]

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Bougainvillea flowering plant

The Bougainvillea for outdoor decor The Bougainvillea is a great summer flowering plant.  It thrives in hot climates, this makes it perfect for the southwest regions of the U.S. What it doesn’t like is freezing temperatures.  If you live in areas that get below 32° Fahrenheit you can still use the Bougainvillea.  Plant it in a […]

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Easy spring gardening tips

Here are some gardening tips for spring.  Do not pull out your lantana or red bird of paradise plants!  If you planted them last year or the year before they are still new and will not spring out until it gets much hotter.  Typically when the weather gets consistently above 50 degrees during the wee […]

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The Mesquite Tree

  Is the mesquite a tree or is it a large bush?  In its natural habitat, it is a desert bush that needs little water and tolerates poor soils.  It will lose its leaves in winter but will always bounce back right after the last freeze.  Most folks look for the mesquite to leaf out […]

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How To Get Your Garden Summer Ready

As we creep closer to summer the weather is already warming up. Luckily for us, this means we can spend more time outdoors and make use of our gardens once again. For some, the harsh winter weather will have left the garden in a condition that isn’t so inviting after all. We’ve put together a […]

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Chainsaw in the Garden

It is true, accidents do occur with a chainsaw in the garden! But, what if it happened to you? Well, that is not my wish. Surprisingly most accident occurs because of ignorance or negligence on the part of the user. Chainsaw safety In fact, the most affected people are the experienced folks who use a chainsaw […]

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Green Cloud Sage

Texas Sage Bushes

Texas sage bushes are very adapted to the southwest heat. All are drought tolerant and hardy for Xeriscape landscapes or rock gardens. They are normally insect and diseased tolerant.  They are not really sage bushes at all the real name is Leucophyllums!  But most folks call them sages…and that’s ok because that is what the […]

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