Green Cloud Sage

Texas Sage Bushes

Texas sage bushes are very adapted to the southwest heat. All are drought tolerant and hardy for Xeriscape landscapes or rock gardens. They are normally insect and diseased tolerant.  They are not really sage bushes at all the real name is Leucophyllums!  But most folks call them sages…and that’s ok because that is what the […]

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Water Smart Plants

  Water Conservation with the right plants. Living in the southwest does require special needs when it comes to finding the right plants for your garden. I love planting stuff almost year round, outdoors, indoors, vegetables, flowers, annuals, and perennials.  But in, mid-summer I struggle to keep my plants looking their best. Yes, I too have […]

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To prune or not to prune

To prune or not to prune This is the time of year that the majority of pruning should be done. However, there are certain flowering trees and shrubs that should not be pruned at this time of year. The list includes wisteria, lilac, forsythia, viburnum, flowering quince, flowering almond, spirea, banks rose, redbud, purple leaf plum […]

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End of Year Chores

End of 2016 Garden Chores

End of year chores. Another year has gone by, they just seem to get shorter and shorter every year! It has been quite a warm winter as well. With that in mind, there are still plenty of chores to do around the yard. It is now time to rake those leaves that have taken their time […]

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Desert Willow Tree

The Desert Willow Tree(Chilopsis linearis) This desert low watering spring blooming tree does well in the southwest. There are several varieties that you use can use for your landscaping needs. You will see these trees along the arroyos and ditch banks of the desert southwest. The natural desert willow is drought tolerant and provides long […]

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How to grow herbs

Consider growing your own herbs. How to grow herbs. Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow If done right you can save money at the grocery store Growing your own herbs is a relaxing stress-free project Herbs are good for you You will have a fresh supply of herbs A herb Garden does […]

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How to grow larger fruit

  Fruit trees are easy to grow in the southwest but often the fruit we yield is much smaller than what you see in the grocery store! If you grow fruit trees and would like to know “How to grow larger fruit” then this article is for you. How to grow larger fruit in your […]

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How to care for indoor plants

How to care for indoor plants.  Most people will spend time indoors rather than outdoors during the winter seasons. Here are some great ideas and tips to help you enjoy great looking indoor plants throughout the cold months. First, here is a list of indoor plants that are easy care and not much water. Mother-in-laws-tongue […]

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Gardening tips in cold weather

Winters are short around the Southwest.  Many folks won’t shut off the A/C unit until mid-November. Winter can be a hard time for gardens and gardeners but here are a few winter gardening tips that will help your plants and your garden landscape survive the cold winter months. Here are my “Gardening tips in cold weather”. Trees, […]

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Types of landscape design

Landscaping your house is a big chore to some, it requires time to measure, visit the local nursery store and then start looking for the right plants. Hiring a professional landscaper is the right thing to do, however, here are some tips that could save you both time and money. Types of landscape design. First, spend […]

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