Lawn Tips

Sod and Lawn tips for the Southwest

Everyone wants a perfect looking lawn including myself. Here are my tips for making folks say “Wow look at that lawn”! When laying down sod or seed wait at least 2-3 weeks before fertilizing. In the southwest we get lots of hot dry summer months. Water is essential for a spectacular green lawn. You should […]

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plant a tree

Plant a tree properly

How to plant a tree It’s amazing how many folks do not know how to plant a tree properly.  Depending on the size trees can cost upwards of $300.00 dollars or more. These tips are designed for those who are looking to do it yourself. Remember planting trees that are in a small one-gallon container […]

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Trees for the Southwest

The Live Oak Tree

The Live Oak Tree – Botanical name: quercus virginian. The live oak tree is a good shade and ornamental tree. It will eventually grow to about ft high and about 100 ft wide. This tree is an evergreen in the southwest. However, it does like to shed it leaves in the early spring and regenerates […]

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Chilean Mesquite

Chilean Mesquite Tree

The Chilean Mesquite also called a thornless Mesquite tree (Prosopis chilensis) does very well in the southwestern United States. It will grow to about 40’ft. tall and 40ft’ wide. It is a thornless mesquite tree and provides lots of good shade during the hot summer months.  A very majestic looking tree for home landscaping. It […]

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Mediterranean palm tree Information

Mediterranean palm tree Information (Chamaerops humilis) – It is a slow-growing palm tree but will reach about 15ft. – 20ft. tall and wide. Very cold hardy and durable palm it can take temperatures down to about 10 degrees fahrenheit.  Multi-trunked palm give it that great look. It is an evergreen tree so it has good […]

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How to landscape in the Southwest

How to landscape in the Southwest. Landscaping in the southwest requires you to start thinking along the lines of harmony. The fundamental way to your landscaping design success is consistency and it will need to be applied to your entire yard and all around your home. It does not matter if you are from the […]

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How to get rid of Weeds

What is the best way to “get rid of weeds“? I hate weeds and killing them throughout the spring, summer and fall months is a big time job for me. And, if you are reading this article you too are probably wondering “How can I get rid of weeds” and how can I keep them […]

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What are Perennials

What are perennials?  They are the exact opposite of annuals.  They will come back year after year.  Many of these plants will go into a dormant stage during the winter months.  Most fruit and ornamental trees are perennials. However, fruit trees need at least 1,000 chilling hrs. in order for them to produce fruit. Most […]

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Rose Bush Problems

IDENTIFYING COMMON ROSE PROBLEMS Be sure to follow all label instructions and local state regulation regarding insecticides. Rose bush problems solved no matter where you live. Aphids are insects and they love new growth on roses. Aphids are very small bugs about 1/8 inch long. They are green, red, black or brown in color. They usually […]

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Roses for the Southwest

Roses for the southwest.  How do you care for them? It is a bit tricky especially in the Southwest where temperatures can get as high as 115 or more during the mid-summer seasons. But the good news it is not as hard as some people may believe. Below are some great tips to great looking roses […]

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