California Christmas Tree

California Christmas Tree in Las Cruces

California Christmas Tree

(Cedrus deodara) will do great in the southwest. Some folks think it will not grow here, believe me it will. This beautiful tree is classified into the Pinaceae with most other conifers.

It will look great in the front entrance of any southwestern style landscaping home. Once established it will only need occsaional watering perfert for the southwestern zones.

    It is a moderate grower and will do great in full sun. Will grow up to 45ft. tall and about 25ft. wide. Color Your World Nurseries will usually have this type of tree in stock.

Fertilze in spring summer and fall for good green growth. You can use a good 20-20-20 all purpose fertilizer.  Ask for it at any local nursery or greenhouse.

Color Your World and Guzman’s Greenhouse will normally have this tree available year round.
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