Indoor Plants

fantastic growing TOMATOES on the terrace of the apartment building in the city

How to start a container garden

You will have to decide if you want to grow vegetables or flowering plants? Indoors and outdoor container gardening does require different gardening rules.  There are some things you should know before you start buying plants, pots, soil, tools and fertilizers.  For one, you will need to know your gardening zone, climate and the time […]

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How to grow herbs

Consider growing your own herbs. How to grow herbs. Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow If done right you can save money at the grocery store Growing your own herbs is a relaxing stress-free project Herbs are good for you You will have a fresh supply of herbs A herb Garden does […]

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How to care for indoor plants

How to care for indoor plants.  Most people will spend time indoors rather than outdoors during the winter seasons. Here are some great ideas and tips to help you enjoy great looking indoor plants throughout the cold months. First, here is a list of indoor plants that are easy care and not much water. Mother-in-laws-tongue […]

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Soil amendments for gardening

Soil amendments for gardening – Does gardening require soil amendments? Yes, it does.  The soil in the southwest is poor.  We recommend Back To Earth Compost for planting trees, shrubs, and other larger outdoor plants.  We recommend using it at about half and half ratio.  Half native soil and the other Back to Earth compost. […]

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Care of Money Tree Plant

The Money Tree plant (Bombacaceae) The care of money tree plant.  This plant is more of a bonsai type houseplant. It will grow about 10ft. tall and the trunk is usually braided given it that bonsai look. Care of money tree plant for beginners. City water contains microorganisms and contaminants, that will make your Money Tree lose […]

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Design your perfect garden

Outdoor gardening is something that many do for a love of nature and for a chance to relax. Some do a little, and are happy with that, but others take it much more seriously. They may come up with amazing garden designs that would take your breath away. Those are always a lot of fun […]

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Gardening Advice in Las Cruces

Free Gardening Advice. Paul GuzmanPaul Guzman – General Manager of Guzman’s Greenhouse. Gardener, Husband, Father and Grandfather. Webmaster of

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