Xeriscape landscaping ideas

Gardening full time is a great way to relax, then enjoy the fruits of your labor.  But there are still those who have a hard time gardening or don’t want to bother going outdoors and enjoy their landscape area.  Whether you have too much going on at work or too many kids to take care […]

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Water Smart Plants

  Water Conservation with the right plants. Living in the southwest does require special needs when it comes to finding the right plants for your garden. I love planting stuff almost year round, outdoors, indoors, vegetables, flowers, annuals, and perennials.  But in, mid-summer I struggle to keep my plants looking their best. Yes, I too have […]

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How to choose the right plants for your garden

  How to choose the right plants for your garden.  Before going to your local garden center or nursery it is best to take notes on your current landscape. Grab a pen and pad, go outside and start taking notes on what you will need. It is easy to get caught up with all the […]

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Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest

Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest. The Waxleaf Privet “Ligustrum japonicum” is a good evergreen plant or shrub.  Excellent to use as a stand-alone plant or place them in rows for a great border privacy wall. They can also be trimmed to almost any shape.  A round ball or square perfect for that special […]

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Colorful plants for the Southwest

More colorful plants for the Southwest.  Here are some gorgeous, fantastic long-lasting plants that many homeowners are looking for. Landscaping your home can be done with perennials or annuals. At Color Your World gardening Nurseries we will always have a wide assortment of these type of plants during spring, summer and fall. Colorful plants for the Southwest Below are […]

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Spring Color Geraniums

Great Flowering Color for Spring

Great Flowering Color for Spring.  These flowering plants will bloom throughout the spring seasons.  Some may last all the way to late summer.  Click on the photo for a larger photo. There are many more plants that will provide color throughout the spring seasons.  Here are a few that will help you decide what to […]

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Soil amendments for gardening

Soil amendments for gardening – Does gardening require soil amendments? Yes, it does.  The soil in the southwest is poor.  We recommend Back To Earth Compost for planting trees, shrubs, and other larger outdoor plants.  We recommend using it at about half and half ratio.  Half native soil and the other Back to Earth compost. […]

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Trees for the Southwest

The Live Oak Tree

The Live Oak Tree – Botanical name: quercus virginian. The live oak tree is a good shade and ornamental tree. It will eventually grow to about ft high and about 100 ft wide. This tree is an evergreen in the southwest. However, it does like to shed it leaves in the early spring and regenerates […]

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How to landscape in the Southwest

How to landscape in the Southwest. Landscaping in the southwest requires you to start thinking along the lines of harmony. The fundamental way to your landscaping design success is consistency and it will need to be applied to your entire yard and all around your home. It does not matter if you are from the […]

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What are Perennials

What are perennials?  They are the exact opposite of annuals.  They will come back year after year.  Many of these plants will go into a dormant stage during the winter months.  Most fruit and ornamental trees are perennials. However, fruit trees need at least 1,000 chilling hrs. in order for them to produce fruit. Most […]

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