Tree Landscaping


Easy spring gardening tips

Here are some gardening tips for spring.  Do not pull out your lantana or red bird of paradise plants!  If you planted them last year or the year before they are still new and will not spring out until it gets much hotter.  Typically when the weather gets consistently above 50 degrees during the wee […]

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The Mesquite Tree

  Is the mesquite a tree or is it a large bush?  In its natural habitat, it is a desert bush that needs little water and tolerates poor soils.  It will lose its leaves in winter but will always bounce back right after the last freeze.  Most folks look for the mesquite to leaf out […]

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To prune or not to prune

To prune or not to prune This is the time of year that the majority of pruning should be done. However, there are certain flowering trees and shrubs that should not be pruned at this time of year. The list includes wisteria, lilac, forsythia, viburnum, flowering quince, flowering almond, spirea, banks rose, redbud, purple leaf plum […]

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End of Year Chores

End of 2016 Garden Chores

End of year chores. Another year has gone by, they just seem to get shorter and shorter every year! It has been quite a warm winter as well. With that in mind, there are still plenty of chores to do around the yard. It is now time to rake those leaves that have taken their time […]

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Desert Willow Tree

The Desert Willow Tree(Chilopsis linearis) This desert low watering spring blooming tree does well in the southwest. There are several varieties that you use can use for your landscaping needs. You will see these trees along the arroyos and ditch banks of the desert southwest. The natural desert willow is drought tolerant and provides long […]

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How to grow larger fruit

  Fruit trees are easy to grow in the southwest but often the fruit we yield is much smaller than what you see in the grocery store! If you grow fruit trees and would like to know “How to grow larger fruit” then this article is for you. How to grow larger fruit in your […]

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Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest

Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest. The Waxleaf Privet “Ligustrum japonicum” is a good evergreen plant or shrub.  Excellent to use as a stand-alone plant or place them in rows for a great border privacy wall. They can also be trimmed to almost any shape.  A round ball or square perfect for that special […]

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Early Blooming Trees and Plants

What is blooming right now? Early Blooming Trees and Plants Flowering Pear trees are blooming right now. Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ or Bradford Pear. The Aristocrat  pear is very similar. Both have gorgeous white blooms that lasts about 2-4 weeks.  The Tree will grow to about 40-50 ft. tall and wide.  Nice thick dark green foliage spring through […]

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plant a tree

Plant a tree properly

How to plant a tree It’s amazing how many folks do not know how to plant a tree properly.  Depending on the size trees can cost upwards of $300.00 dollars or more. These tips are designed for those who are looking to do it yourself. Remember planting trees that are in a small one-gallon container […]

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Fall Colors in Las Cruces

Fall Colors in Las Cruces. Trees that have good autumn color are Red Oaks, Sweet Gum ( yes, they do grow here too, we have one in our parking lot at Color Your World!), Chinese Pistache, Modesto, Bonita, Berrinda ash, Gingko Biloba, Bradford pear,and Bald Cypress to name a few. Some other plants that have […]

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