Xeriscape landscaping ideas

Gardening full time is a great way to relax, then enjoy the fruits of your labor.  But there are still those who have a hard time gardening or don’t want to bother going outdoors and enjoy their landscape area.  Whether you have too much going on at work or too many kids to take care […]

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The Mesquite Tree

  Is the mesquite a tree or is it a large bush?  In its natural habitat, it is a desert bush that needs little water and tolerates poor soils.  It will lose its leaves in winter but will always bounce back right after the last freeze.  Most folks look for the mesquite to leaf out […]

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Water Smart Plants

  Water Conservation with the right plants. Living in the southwest does require special needs when it comes to finding the right plants for your garden. I love planting stuff almost year round, outdoors, indoors, vegetables, flowers, annuals, and perennials.  But in, mid-summer I struggle to keep my plants looking their best. Yes, I too have […]

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Desert Willow Tree

The Desert Willow Tree(Chilopsis linearis) This desert low watering spring blooming tree does well in the southwest. There are several varieties that you use can use for your landscaping needs. You will see these trees along the arroyos and ditch banks of the desert southwest. The natural desert willow is drought tolerant and provides long […]

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Types of landscape design

Landscaping your house is a big chore to some, it requires time to measure, visit the local nursery store and then start looking for the right plants. Hiring a professional landscaper is the right thing to do, however, here are some tips that could save you both time and money. Types of landscape design. First, spend […]

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