Chainsaw in the Garden

It is true, accidents do occur with a chainsaw in the garden! But, what if it happened to you? Well, that is not my wish. Surprisingly most accident occurs because of ignorance or negligence on the part of the user.

Chainsaw safety

In fact, the most affected people are the experienced folks who use a chainsaw on a regular basis.

In this article, I want to give you guidelines on how to use the chainsaw in your garden.

I have been a victim before of accidents; I like to always follow rules when it comes to using. Otherwise, the accidents that occur with this tool may make you end your career.

Chainsaw in the Garden

Chainsaw in the garden

Chainsaw user asking for trouble

Okay, here they are:

Rule one: Wear proper gears before going to work.

You need to have complete attire when you are working with a chainsaw.

I have seen experienced folks make this mistake most of the time. For instance, you may wear goggle and gloves alone for the work.

What you forget is that you need a good overall, to protect your whole body. Accidents do occur when you have loose clothing and it catches with the blade.

A proper gear includes the following items.

  • Safety goggles to protect your eyes and face from the flying wood chips.
  • Work boots that gives you better traction and stability as you work with the saw.
  • Nonslip work gloves to protect your hands.
  • A hard-hat that has a face shield that gives you premium protection on your face.
  • An apron-style or overall to cover your pants, but choose the ones made from ballistic nylon materials.

You need to have the above items before taking your chance to cut logs or doing any garden work.

For your, information it doesn’t matter If the work is small or large. All you need is to never take chance with your life.

Rule two: Prepare the chainsaw before work.

Before you get it off… You need to inspect a couple of things. You need to make sure that the chains are lubricated all the times.

Otherwise, the rails and grooves of the bar will wear quickly. The chainsaw will cause an even cut, this is difficult to control and may lead to accidents.

You also need to make sure that you have a new battery for the chainsaw. Here is a good resource on how to choose the best battery chainsaw.

If you are buying a new chainsaw, make sure that it has a chain catch that prevents the chain from slipping off the bar.
Your chain needs to have throttle interlock that keeps your hand inside the chain’s hurdle before it starts to work and accelerate.

Rule three: Storage tips for the chainsaw.

If are a seasonal user of a chainsaw, make sure to store it well. By storing well, I mean emptying every drop of fuel or petrol it has from the engine.

That means start the chainsaw, let it use the fuel until it ceases to operate. Leaving the oil can damage the fuel delivery system.

Rule four: Maintenance tips for the chainsaw.

The chains of the chainsaw get overworked with time. And this will lead to a poorly done job.

You also risk damaging the saw, the engine, and the bar over time.

The solution...

Replace the chain once a year. This is work if you don’t regularly use the chain often.

If you are a heavy user, check the hourly usage before changing it. Every manufacturer recommends the time you need to use change the chain on your chainsaw.

That is how you can safely use the chainsaw in your garden.  The above tips are vital and could save your life and make you extend the life span of your chainsaw.

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