Early Blooming Trees and Plants

What is blooming right now?

Early Blooming Trees and Plants

Flowering Pear trees are blooming right now. Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ or Bradford Pear. The Aristocrat  pear is very similar. Both have gorgeous white blooms that lasts about 2-4 weeks.  The Tree will grow to about 40-50 ft. tall and wide.  Nice thick dark green foliage spring through summer seasons. The foliage will also turn a nice red/purple color in late fall.  It is a deciduous tree which means it will lose it’s leaves during the cold winter months.

early blooing flowering-pear

Purple Leaf Flowering Plum.  The light lavender pink blooms last about 2-3 weeks.  Then it gives out dark purple foliage; thus the name.  Deciduous.


Monrovia Photo

The purple leaf plum after blooms have expired.


All fruit trees are now blooming.  Apples, peaches, apricots, plums, crabapples.  From brilliant white blooms to dark pink flowers.

Checkout the Centurion Crabapple photo below.  Bright pink blooms that are spectacular in mass.


Early Blooming Trees and Plants

The photo below is the flowering Crabapple tree at full growth – Beautiful. It is a cold hardy tree and flowering buds burst open in early spring. Beautiful cherry pink blossoms.  It is a small tree about 20ft. tall and wide.  It likes the Southwest climate and can tolerate poor soil.


Doreen Wynja Photo

Due to the eaerly season warmer weather in the southwest most iceplant (Delosperma nubigenum) is now bloowming. This iceplant grows to about 2″ maybe 3″ in height and can spread 36″ in width.  It will bloom all the way till early summer.  Perfect plant for groundcover.  yellow-iceplant











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