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Sod and Lawn tips for the Southwest

Sod and Lawn tips for the SouthwestEveryone wants a perfect looking lawn including myself. Here are my tips for making folks say “Wow look at that lawn”!

When laying down sod or seed wait at least 2-3 weeks before fertilizing. In the southwest we get lots of hot dry summer months. Water is essential for a spectacular green lawn.

You should fertilize your sod/lawn once in the spring, once in the summer and once just before winter.

Sod and Lawn tips for the Southwest

If you have fescue grass fertilize once or twice more during the winter months.

Use a good all purpose lawn fertilizer, analysis of about 16-8-8 will work great or try Lawn Fertilizer You can also purchase Helena’s 16-8-8 at Color Your World Nursery.

Weeds! Those awful weeds that seem to always pop up in your lawn right around early spring. Use Fertilome “Weed-Out Plus”. This Kills Dandelions, Clover, Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Chickweed, Spurge and many other Lawn Weeds. Ask for it at your friendly local nursery. It really does work!

Remember that Bermuda sod or grass will go into dormancy during the winter months. It likes FULL SUN. Therefore less water and maintenance. It will have a hard time growing underneath a large tree that provides lots of shade.

Bermuda sod, zoysia and buffalo grasses do well in the southwestern areas. So does tall Fescue but it needs more watering and maintenance.

Fescue Sod will stay GREEN year round but needs more watering and maintenance. This type of sod can tolerate shade. It will cost more than most other varieties of Bermuda seed or sod. Fescue will not re-grow itself. If it dies on one spot it will look bare unless you re-sod or re-seed and it will not spread.

There are other types of sod that can be bought at Color Your World Nurseries. If you live in the Las Cruces area give us a call at (575) 521-0496 or 523-1520

Bermuda grasses have many uses and are what most folks use throughout the southwest. Below are varieties and descriptions.

Bermuda-Tifton > Lawns-Commercial-Fields >Coarse & blends with common Bermuda
Bermuda-Tifgreen 328 > Lawns-Commercial-Putting Greens >Blades are fine, low growing
Bermuda Tifway 419 > Lawns-Commercial-Fairways >Medium Blades
Bermuda Santa Ana > Lawns-Commercial-Fields >Medium Blades
Bermuda Texturf 10 > Mostly Home Lawns >Coarse Blades
Fescue Advantage > Lawns-Commercial >Tolerates shade >Medium Blades
Bermuda Overseeded > Lawns-Commercial >Medium to fine Blades

Click Here To calculate sod measurements.
Why is your neighbor’s lawn looking better than yours year after year? Because he probably uses lawn winterizer. ¬†Winterizer works on root development which will, in turn, make your lawn much thicker and greener when spring time comes around. Late fall and winter are the best times to apply winterizer try it today.

Paul Guzman – General Manager of Guzman’s Greenhouse. Gardener, Husband, Father and Grandfather. Webmaster of

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    • Erda Hillmann
    • April 26, 2016

    My Bermuda lawn is still dormant (end of April). When will it start to grow?

      • Paul Guzman
      • April 29, 2016

      Your Bermuda should start seeing signs of green at the end of April. But it will not really start to grow and look much healthier until temperatures at night time are consistently above 50 degrees f.

      You should be watering about every other day 15-20 minutes on a sprinkler system. Use a good lawn fertilizer right now. An analysis of 16-8-8 will work great.
      Thanks for your comment Erda.

    • Candy
    • April 29, 2016

    Do you have tiff sod? Price please

      • Paul Guzman
      • May 24, 2016

      We do not have Tiff green sod at our stores. However, you can call us and we can order if it is available at the sod farm. The sod farm is located in Santa Teresa, NM. Thanks for commenting. When you call ask for current Tiff green sod price.

    • Claire
    • October 7, 2017

    I live in Cruces and have never been successful growing a winter lawn. I used to have one every winter in Phx. Any suggestions? I also have two dogs, along with a doggie door, so toxic fertilizers are not an option. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


      • Paul Guzman
      • October 7, 2017

      Hello, Claire, growing a winter lawn is a bit of a challenge. In the Phoneix area it never freezes but around these parts (southwest New Mexico) it does freeze. Your best bet is to use Fescue sod or seed. This type of grass will tolerate the hot mid-summer heat and will do ok during the winter months.
      Dr. Earth Lawn fertilizer is a good alternative to “toxic” fertilizers.
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