The Live Oak Tree

The Live Oak TreeThe Live Oak Tree – Botanical name: quercus virginian. The live oak tree is a good shade and ornamental tree. It will eventually grow to about ft high and about 100 ft wide. This tree is an evergreen in the southwest. However, it does like to shed it leaves in the early spring and regenerates new growth at the same time.

There is some maintenance involved. The Live Oak can easily be trimmed to your preference, make into a ball, canopy, square or whatever you think will work in your landscape.

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The Live will retain it’s glossy, dark green leaves all year it likes full sun. It is also one of the faster-growing oak trees.

It has a small tapered type acorn which can be used to produce another seedling oak trees. The live oak limbs grow low close to the ground, and later growing upward. It is a long-lived moderate to fast growing tree.

Water Requirements: Water every day for the first 30 days twice a day is even better. This is critical if planting in mid-summer. In the southwestern desert, this tree needs lots of water. Sun: Full Zones: USDA 7-10 Blooming season: None.

How big do Live Oaks get?

Below is a photograph of a large Oak tree.  This one could be 50 or more years of age.

The Live Oak Tree

Maintenance: Medium – Some cleanup after foliage sheds during summer months.  As stated earlier it produces small acorns that fall in late spring.  This adds to the cleanup and maintenance.

Foliage: Evergreen with dark green waxy leaves Fertilize: Spring, Summer early fall.

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6 thoughts on “The Live Oak Tree

  1. Hi Paul,
    How do live oaks hold up against strong wind conditions?
    This year we had some 78 – 80 mph winds.
    This is not always the case but we do have strong winds almost all year.

    • Hello, Sandy. Thanks for commenting. Live Oaks do very well in strong winds. Oak trees are known for hard wood qualities. This means they can withstand strong winds. The live Oak is also one of the faster growing type of Oak Tree.

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