Water Conservation tips

water-conservationNot only will you save water you will also save money! Water Conservation tips for the southwest or anywhere for that matter is really easy. Use some or all of the steps below to help you save water and hundreds of dollars a year just by following these water conservation help tips.

Use a water timer for all plants, lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Save water by using a drip system. Check your yellow pages for landscaping or drip system for installations. Most drip systems are inexpensive and easy to install.


Water Conservation tips southwest

Always water in the early morning hours, especially your lawn. Avoid watering during the mid hours. Who knows what you might see!

Watering during the late hours and standing water may promote fungus and diseases. Water in the monring hours you’ll save money.

Check your sprinkler system to make sure you are not watering the drive way or your neighbors yard. …Lawn Sprinkler System Be sure all sprinker hoses and drip systems are not leaking, blocked or pinched.

Choose Bermuda sod or grasses over others, as it is drought tolerant and requires less maintenance.

Deep Watering is much better than shallow watering. When watering your lawn make sure water drains well. Remember that most trees, plants and shurbs need little watering once they are well established. Generally speaking it isĀ usually about 1 year after being planted.

Use a soaker hose for most plants as this provides for less water evaporation. Save a trip to the store and purchase one here. Always use a good mulch for planting trees, shrubs or plants.

Mulch will help retain water and will help keep weeds away. Do NOT use a water hose to spray debris from pavement or sidewalks. Use a good push broom instead or purchase a blower.

Use a bucket to wash your vehicle. Use a good “Car Wash” detergent that helps prevent streaks. Use a hand held nozzle that will turn off automatically after rinsing your vehicle.


Shut off water sprinklers and drip systems right after a good rainfall. Don’t forget to turn it back on !

Avoid watering during windy days. Wind will make water evaporate much faster. Keep your mower blades sharpened, dull blades tear grass making it take more water to recuperate.

Keep your yard maintained on a year round bases . Mow, prune, and weed out. Your neighbors will appreciate it and you will feel better afterwards. Save the long hot baths for special occasions.

Take short showers instead. Do not turn your cooler on until it is at least 80-85 degrees. Your evaporative cooler will use much less water.

When you have your A.C. unit turned on be sure to slightly open your window in each room so that warm air will escape. Water conservation requires that you maintain your evaporative cooler – check for leaks and proper water flow. Install efficient shower heads. Most are inexpensive and easy to install. Bathe with your significant other!

Yes take a bath or shower with your spouse, you could almost cut your water bill in half!

The above water saving tips are from Paul Guzman.