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At Guzman’s Garden Centers, we have plants, trees, and pottery in Las Cruces.  We now have two locations. 540 N. Telshor, and 270 Avenida De Mesilla Las Cruces NM.

Guzman's Garden Center on Avenida de Mesilla
Our second store is located at 270 Avenida de Mesilla.

Ten percent Discount for all Citizens over 65 – on Tuesdays.  The same discount applies to all U.S. Veterans on any day (with ID).

Gardening for the Southwest

Our mission

We want to help you find the right plants for your needs. Whether it is for your home, business property, or other landscaping needs our site strives to inform and educate all who are looking for the best gardening advice possible.

The garden advice we give out on this website encompasses the American Southwestern United States, here is a map of the Southwest States from Wikipedia.

Plants that bloom all summer long

We are heading into the month of May, and it will get hotter, In the Southwest it can get brutally hot. It is not unusual to see temperatures soar into the double digits from June until late August. But there are plants that provide blooms and color.   Follow this link for images of plants that bloom all summer long.

Wave petunias for color. - From Guzman's Garden Centers
Beautiful Petunias in a large pot.


The Palo Verde Tree (Desert Museum)

The Palo Verde tree is a beautiful tree that will bloom from mid-spring until early summer.  Specifically, the Desert Museum variety.  It is a Hybrid of the common Palo Verde tree that is native to the Sonoran and Southwest desert. Palo Verde Means Green Stick in Spanish.  More on The Palo Vere Tree.

Palo Verde Tree
southwestern style house with rock garden landscaping


Plants for the Desert Southwest

Our Colorful Plants have arrived.  Thousands of Petunias, Geraniums, Lavender, and many more.  Both locations are at Telshor and Avenida Locations.

Colorful Plants at Guzman's Garden Centers

Petunias at Guzman's Garden Centers

Thousands of Plants arrive weekly.  Come by and check out the amazing Wave Petunias at Guzman’s Garden Centers – Hundreds of Colors and types for you to choose from.

The Italian Cypress Tree

This conifer tree, meaning evergreen foliage, will grow up to 80 ft. tall and about 3-4 ft. wide.  I’ve seen this tree in many landscaping scenes from new homes to state and city landscapes.  A fantastic tree for landscaping decor.  It is drought tolerant once established.  Learn more about The Italian Cypress tree.

Drought Tolerant trees and shrubs From Guzman's Garden Centers
Two handsome Italian Cypress Trees

Fruit Trees at Guzman’s Garden Centers

This year fruit trees have arrived (2023). The best time to plant fruit trees is from late January through early March. You can also plant them in summer as well, but it is important that you provide them with ample water.  How much water?  Typically, around 5-7 gallons daily during the hot summer season.  Continue reading – Fruit Trees for the Desert Southwest.

Fruit Trees in Las Cruces, NM


Pine trees have arrived

Afghan Pine Trees

Our Afghan and Pinon Trees have arrived.  Both types of trees are ideal for outdoor landscaping. Adapted for the Southwest regions of the U.S.  and drought tolerance once established. Pine Trees Southwest.

New outdoor plants have arrived at our stores.

Italian Cypress
Winter Gem Boxwoods
Pittosporum (Mock orange)
Garden Junipers
Tuscan Blue Rosemary
Vinca minor Bowles

Gardening Advice for Southwest New Mexico

The southwest region typically has poor soil conditions.  The air is dry, and moisture is low.  It is a challenge for most folks to grow things but with the right gardening information, you can grow just about anything here that will grow elsewhere.

Gardening Southwest States U.S.
Click on the map to continue reading

Privacy trees

Guzman's Garden Centers
Trees to build a privacy wall

We often get lots of questions about trees that will help block the neighbors from viewing our yard.  There are lots of them.  The photo above is a photo of Spartan junipers, and they can grow up to 15 ft. tall and about 8 ft. wide.  Learn more at “How to block Neighbors’ view of my yard“.

Guzman’s Garden Centers

We have the following items all year long. Compost-Mulch-Pottery-Gift Craft-Fertilizers-Organic-Soils/Fertilizers-Outdoor Furniture.

Our website has tons of information regarding Southwestern landscaping, gardening ideas, and links to other home and garden websites as well.

Fruit Trees for Desert Southwest.

Join our free gardening newsletter

We will send you exclusive free garden tips about once per week.  There is no cost to join. Everything from organic backyard gardening to expert gardening advice from our own knowledgeable gardening experts.

Guzman’s Garden Centers in Las Cruces Store Hrs. Summer, Fall, and Winter Hours.

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Southwest Gardening Tips

Southwest monthly gardening tips
Weeping willow trees during the four seasons.

Southwest Gardening tips – Get our month-to-month southwest gardening tips. Find out what to plant and what you need to get your garden green no matter what month it is.  The southwest sun can be brutal on plants.  Find out what to do to help combat this problem.

Gardening in mid-winter requires less water but there are some things you will need to do during this time to ensure a good-looking lawn, garden, and landscape through the spring and summer seasons.
You don’t need a green thumb…just the right information!

Keeping a green garden in and around the Southwest requires attention and consistent work.  You will need a step-by-step guide on what to do every month.  Read these guides by following this link – Gardening tips by the month.

Southwest Gardening Tips

Guzman's Garden Centers Las CrucesNeed help with your landscaping Idea? You can “Ask Gary or Paul” almost any gardening question and they will answer it!

Click here for more information: Ask Gary or Paul
Find out what type of plants to use for each season in the Southwest.


Below is a small list of what we carry.

Fruit TreesPine TreesVines – Grape VinesDesert Plants – Pottery – Crape MyrtlesRoses – Garden Gift Crafts – Organic Soils & Insecticides – Bedding Plants – Herbs – Vegetables – Seeds – Patio/Outdoor Furniture

Plants & Trees in Las Cruces

Come by today and ask our friendly staff for details on trees, shrubs, bedding plants, and everything else in between.

Turn your landscape into a wonderful, colorful garden no matter what season it is.  We are the largest retail gardening nursery in Southwestern New Mexico.

Now is a suitable time to plant Pine Trees. Pine Trees Southwest.

Indoor Plants at Guzman’s Garden Centers

Need indoor houseplants? We got them. Thousands of houseplants for your home decor. We have a ton of indoor houseplants from the Money Tree Plant to indoor succulent plants.

Outdoor patio furniture at Color Your World Location

Check out our exclusive outdoor furniture. Las Cruces Lawn and Patio Furniture come from The premier home and garden lawn furniture in the entire U.S. Click the Photo below to find out more.  Outdoor furniture and patio sets are located at 540 N. Telshor Las Cruces, NM.

Guzman's Garden Centers Furniture


Fox Farm Fertilizers
We have many more Fox Farm fertilizers and products. Come by today and get these products before we run

Plants and Trees in Las Cruces, NM


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    • Jacqueline Bentley
    • January 15, 2023

    Do u carry Calathea in ur Las Cruces nurseries?

    1. Yes, we do. They are not always available but both stores will usually carry them. The store on 540 N. Telshor has a huge selection of houseplants. Call them before visiting them. 575 202 1749. Visit this post for some great information on Calathea Plants.

    • patricia stiefel
    • March 5, 2023

    Do you carry prickly pear and fishhook cacti?

    1. Not at this time. Should have them by mid-April.

        • Cricket
        • April 23, 2023

        Do you have vegetable plants?

    • Dawn Nylin
    • March 7, 2023

    Ever sweet pomegranate tree !
    Do you carry it and what size pot ?
    Thank you !!

    1. Hello Dawn, yes, we do carry Pomegranate shrubs. Most are in a 5 gallon size container.

    • Lupe
    • March 18, 2023

    Do you have Hellebores?

    1. Not at this date (03-18-23), however, we should have them around mid-April. Also called the Lenten Rose plant.

    • Harry
    • March 24, 2023

    Visited 270 Avenida de Mesilla, great service and friendly atmosphere, got some great tomatoe plants. Look forward to further purchases.

    1. Thanks for letting us know Harry. Don’t forget to join our newsletter for some great gardening advice for the American Southwest.
      Guzman’s Greenhouse Newsletter

    • Tony Delgado
    • March 26, 2023

    Do you all sell the Mexican Bird of Paradise

    1. Hello Tony. We are hoping that they will arrive sometime in late April.

    • Crystal CB
    • April 10, 2023

    Do you sell Broom Dalea?

    1. Dalea plants should be arriving soon.

    • Victoria Nichols
    • April 18, 2023

    If I buy $500 to $1000 worth of plants for my yard, can you plant them for us? If so, is there a charge?

    1. Yes, we can deliver and plant them in your yard. There is a destination fee and a planting fee. The fee is based on how many and the size of the plants.

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