Guzman’s Garden Centers Las Cruces

Call – 575 521-0496 or 575 523-1520

Winter Hours – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Sunday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Guzman’s Garden Centers Las Cruces now with two locations. 540 N. Telshor and 270 Avenida De Mesilla Las Cruces NM. We carry beautiful healthy trees, shrubs, roses, and vines.

Poinsettia’s at Color Your World Garden Centers

Guzman's Garden Centers Las Cruces
Beautiful Poinsettia’s at Both Locations

Our mission is to help you find the right plants for your particular needs; whether it is for home, business or landscaping needs our site strives to inform and educate all who are looking for the best gardening advice possible.

We have the following items all year long. Compost-Mulch-Pottery-Gift Craft-Fertilizers-Organic-Soils/Fertilizers-Outdoor Furniture.

Our website has Tons of information regarding Southwestern landscaping, gardening ideas and links to other home and garden websites as well.

Join our free gardening newsletter. We will send you exclusive free garden tips about once per week.  There is no cost to join. Everything from organic backyard gardening to expert gardening advice from our own knowledgeable gardening experts.

Guzman’s Garden Centers in Las Cruces Store Hrs.

  • Spring – 9: AM to 6:00 PM
  • Summer – 9: AM to 6:00 PM
  • Fall – 9: AM to 5:00 PM
  • Winter – 9: AM to 5: PM
  • Sunday – 10: AM to 5: PM.  All Seasons

We are open every day except on Christmas day, New years day and Thanksgiving day.

  • 575 521-0496 (540 N. Telshor)
  • 575 523-1520 (270 Avenida de Mesilla)

Southwest Gardening

Get our month to month gardening tips. Find out what to plant and what you need to get your garden green no matter what month it is.  The southwest sun can be brutal on plants.  Find out what to do to help combat this problem.

Gardening in mid-winter requires less water but there are some things you will need to do during this time to ensure a good-looking lawn, garden and or landscape through the spring and summer season.
You don’t need a green thumb…just the right information!


Keeping a green garden in and around the Southwest requires attention and consistent work.  You will need a step by step guide on what to do each and every month.  Read these guides by following this link – Gardening tips by the month.

Gardening Help

Guzman's Garden Centers Las CrucesNeed help with your landscaping Idea? You can “Ask Gary or Paul” almost any gardening question and they will answer it!

Click here for more information: Ask Gary or Paul
Find out what type of plants to use for each season in the Southwest.


Below is a small list of what we carry.

Products we carry at Guzman's Garden Centers
Texas Ranger Sage
Crape Myrtles
Butterfly Bush
Shade Trees
Trumpet Vines
Carolina Jessamine
Star Jasmine
Desert Plants
Assorted fruit trees
Outdoor Decor
Organic Products
Lady Bugs
Water Plants
Gift Crafts

Come by today and ask our friendly staff for details on trees, shrubs, bedding plants and everything else in-between.

Turn your landscape into a wonderful, colorful garden no matter what season it is.  We are the largest retail gardening nursery in Southwestern New Mexico.

Indoor Plants at Guzman’s Garden Centers

Need indoor houseplants? We got them. Thousands of houseplants that will do well for indoor decor. We have a ton of indoor houseplants from the Money Tree Plant to indoor cactus plants.

Guzman's Garden Centers Las Cruces

We Also Have Outdoor Furniture

Check out our exclusive outdoor furniture. Our furniture comes from The premier home and garden lawn furniture in the entire U.S. Click the Photo below to find out more.  Outdoor furniture and patio sets are located at 540 N. Telshor Las Cruces, NM.

Las Cruces Lawn and Patio


Fox Farm Fertilizers
We have much more FoxFarm fertilizers and products come by today and get these products before we run out.  Or check out this web page for more info...Organic Products.

Here is a list of FoxFarm products that we carry.

  1. Soil and Soil Conditioners
  2. Dry Fertilizers
  3. Soluble Granular Fertilizers
  4. Liquid Fertilizers
  5. Hydroponic
  6. Liquid Supplements and Adjusters
  7. Time Release Fertilizers



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