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A Secret Backyard Garden: Designing A Fairytale Garden

A Secret Backyard Garden

A Secret Backyard Garden.  Beautiful outdoor spaces are places to relax, feel inspired, and revel in the beauty of nature. Nothing is better for the heart or soul than time spent surrounded by beautiful living things. Fairytales always seem to feature a gorgeous palace garden or wildflower forest as the backdrop for the uplifting drama. While many fairytale gardens are lush and overgrown with vines and roses, in New Mexico, it can be hard to design a dramatic garden with plants that will flourish where they are planted.

There are a few easy ways to transform your garden into a storybook paradise. Perhaps your little ones have a favorite fairytale you’re trying to recreate, or maybe you’re just looking for some glamor in your garden. Either way, read on to find some simple ways to add a little bit of magic to your outdoor space!

A Secret Backyard Garden

A secret backyard garden

An air of mystery is the easiest way to make your fairytale garden feel magical. Placing an arch or a pair of trees to create a little door can really help in creating a secret garden. You can also use bulkier shrubs or vines to fill in space and make a wall of greenery. In winter, twinkle lights woven through tree branches and hedges can help keep the sense of structure alive and add a little extra sparkle.

Flowing Fountains

While you can’t re-route a babbling brook through your yard, you can add a water feature to add to the sense of wildness and drama. Simple water features are a beautiful way to add flair, and an outdoor fountain is easy to set up and safe enough that you won’t have to worry about kids around it. A little water goes a long way. It can make a yard in the New Mexico desert feel like it’s in a land far away.

Soaring Swings


A secret backyard garden

If you have a big tree in your yard, a swing is an amazing way to take advantage of the shade it creates. You can also a flowering vine that can grow on a fence or tree. Plant your chosen in around the base to create a beautiful covering that can grow out on the branches. It’ll feel like you’re swinging from the branches and vines themselves!

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Patch

One of the most famous fairytale gardens is the story of Cinderella. To get her to the ball, Cinderella’s fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage. You can recreate the magic by planting pumpkins or squash in a small garden bed. Simply put up a little sign that labels the plants ‘carriages-to-be’. When they’re fully grown, sprinkle a little glitter over the patch while kids are in bed. Wake them up in the morning with the surprise that Cinderella must have gone to the ball last night!

Belle’s Beautiful Rose

In Beauty and the Beast, a rose is how the Beast counts down the time he has to find true love. You can grow a red rose bush in a pot or planter and wrap twinkle lights around the plant’s stem once it’s big enough. The magical glowing rose will shine like the enchanted rose from the story and bring it to life!

There are lots of ways to create a storybook garden without breaking the bank. Little changes here and there can make a huge difference and turn a basic backyard into a wonderland. Whether you’re trying to bring a story alive for a youngster, or just looking for a little extra twinkle in your outdoor spaces, designing and planting a fairytale garden might just be your happy ending.

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