African Milk Tree Plant Care

African Milk Tree Plant Care

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 02:48 pm

The African Milk tree plant care (Euphorbia trigona) is also called the cathedral cactus, or Abyssinian euphorbia. It is a beautiful-looking succulent that will do well indoors.  Or outdoors if it doesn’t freeze in your local area.  It can grow up to 8ft. tall if cared for correctly.  More importantly, it is a disease and insect-resistant plant.

Where to place it

You can place it almost anywhere indoors where it can get indoor sunlight. Underneath a skylight is perfect or a medium-sized south-facing window.  However, the small leaves will burn if there is too much sunlight on the foliage.  Full morning sun is good with some shade during the afternoon is ideal.

You can plant it outdoors if you live in areas where it never freezes.  However, too much sun during the hot summer months can stress this plant.  If planting outdoors early morning sun and afternoon shade will work.  Underneath an evergreen tree or shrub will work great.  Anything lower than −3 °C (27 °F). and will get stressed from the cold.

It is best to use desert or succulent soil if you are going to retransplant into another pot. This type of soil does not retain moisture making it ideal soil for this plant.

African Milk Tree Plant Care

Wrinkled Skin on Plant

If the skin of this plant starts to wrinkle (Epicuticular wax or farina) It probably is getting over-watered.  It only needs water about twice per month even less during the winter months.  If the foliage starts to turn yellow it is getting over-watered.


African Milk Tree Plant Care
The African Milk Tree in pots
African Milk Tree Trigona.
Typical African Milk Tree at most local nurseries.


Problems with this indoor plant

Not many bugs like this plant but on occasion, Mealybugs will attack the African Milk tree plant. Best to keep an eye on the small white substance on its stem or leaves this is where mealybugs will lay their eggs and start reproducing.  Use a good Insecticidal soap or neem oil to remove these pests.  How to use insecticidal soaps.

Another problem is its height as it tends to fall over it moved from one place to another.  Find a good spot and try not to move it.

It grows much taller and wider in its natural habitat about 9ft. tall and sometimes taller.  Learn more about this plant over at Wikipedia.

The African Milk tree plant care – for indoor decoration. 

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