Ageratum Plant – Long lasting colorful plant

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Ageratum Plant – Also known as whiteweed and floss flower.  It is a big family of plants that have over 60 species.  They are considered annual plants in regions where there are consistent freezes.  It is a good plant to use in containers surrounded by other taller plants. You can also place it in your flowering garden, but it should be used as a filler plant as it does not grow very tall, about 4 maybe 8 inches in height.

In and around the Southwest region the plant produces a nice round fluffy bluish color and will typically bloom from mid-spring until mid-fall.  The best time to plant is in early spring.

Images of Ageratum Plant


Ageratum Plant
Ageratum Plant in a nice decorative pot. Spiky Marginata at the top.

The flower of the Ageratum

Ageratum Plant
A close-up view of the Fluffy Ageratum flower Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

Common Ageratum

The most common Ageratum Plant is the blue variety.  Most retail nurseries will have this plant during the early spring seasons.  Plant them in mass for a great blue wave of flowers. They’re also taller types of this plant however, it is rare you will find them in nursery or greenhouse retail stores. The common plants are short and should be planted in front of other taller perennials or annuals.  They can take full sun or partial shade.  Keep them well watered making sure your soil drains well.

Hybrids of this plant

There are many hybrids of this plant and they come in white, blue pink, and purple.  You can read more about the hybrids of this plant over at

When the flowers stop blooming it will turn a brownish color deadhead these expired blooms for a new explosion of blue flowers.

Ageratum Plant
A mass showing of the Blue Ageratum plant.

Taller Coreopsis flowering perennial plant with Blue Ageratum in front.

Ageratum Plant with Coreopsis plants in the background
Small garden spot with Coreopsis flowering perennial in the background and Ageratum in front. Coreopsis are perennial Ageratum is an annual plant in the Southwest region.

Problems with this plant

Ageratum is a hardy plant and not susceptible to insects or diseases but on occasion, they might get spider mites, but it is rare.  Spray with some neem oil to remove insects.  Neem oil is an organic spray try spraying often this will kill these insect pests and help with mildew-type diseases.  Read more about Insects diseases on plants.

ageratum plants
Beautiful Blooming ornamental plant Bluemink (lat.- Ageratum houstonianum) in the garden
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