Ajuga Reptans Plants

Ajuga Reptans Plants

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What are Ajuga Reptans plants?  They go by other names mainly Bugleweed, Carpet Bugle, Carpet weed, and ground pine.  These plants are low-growing, easy to maintain plants and used for ground cover in gardens, landscapes, or containers.  They are mostly used and grown for their attractive foliage colors.

Ajuga Reptans Plants
Herbaceous plant Ajuga reptans foliage

Most gardeners use them in pots for filler space, but they can look great by themselves as they will produce a nice flower.  A spiky flower that resembles a small lavender plant.  From light blue to dark purple, they are in the mint family so they can get invasive if placed where there is lots of rainfall or water.

Fertilize lightly during the early spring season to help with growth and flowering.  Do not over-fertilize as they will look good all spring, summer, and fall with water and occasional trimming.  You can also use your lawn-mower in late fall to trim back these plants.  Just be sure to set the mower at its highest setting.

Ajuga Reptans Plants
Ajuga Plants in a Small Pot

Their growth rate can be anywhere from 2″ and up to 4″ depending on the variety.  Bugleweed can take full sun but will do better in partial shade during the scorching summer months in and around the American Southwest.  Depending on the harshness of the winter seasons they are evergreen.

Ajuga Reptans Plants
Ajuga Reptans Plants at Guzman’s Garden Centers


Where to place These Plants

Space them apart about 8″ to 12″ or so and give them room to grow especially around other taller plants.  They do like to be watered consistently so I would not plant them with Xeriscaping or desert-type plants. As mentioned before you can also put them in decorative pots.  Place them in the foreground with taller plants towards the back.

Problems with Ajuga Plants

These plants are hardy and disease and insect-resistant.  The biggest problem is Crown rot usually caused by over-watering or too much rain. But it is rare in the desert Southwest.  If you want to know more about Crown rot and Ajuga plants visit this page.  Problems with Ajuga. 

Looking for more types of Ground Cover plants.  List of Ground Plants.

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