Alocasia Plant Varieties

Alocasia plant Varieties Houseplants

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Alocasia plant varieties. There are over ninety types of these plants, and some can be bought at local Nurseries big and small.

A tuberous flowering plant that is used for indoor decor or outdoor landscaping needs if you live where there are no freezing temperatures and high humidity.

These plants do not like temperatures below 60° F.   Most like high humidity and keeping the soil moist but not sloppy wet. The one exception is the Alocasia wentii more information read below.

Are these plants toxic to pets? Yes, they are toxic to animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses.

Alocasia amazonica Plant

The most common Alocasia is the Alocasia amazonica – Known for its thick glossy leaves.

Alocasia plant Varieties
Alocasia Amazonica.  Most Nurseries throughout the U.S. will carry this plant.


Alocasia macrorrhiza

In its natural habitat, it will grow over 12′ tall and 8′ wide.  However, indoors it will stay smaller.  It likes well-drained moist soil and misting it a few times per month will help it grow and thrive.  Place near a window but not where it gets full sunlight all day long.  Also called the “Giant Taro”.  It looks best in rooms with tall ceilings.


Alocasia plant Varieties

Alocasia cuprea

Known for its copper-colored foliage.  They like medium to bright indirect sunlight and misting about once per week will help with proper growth and looks.  Placing them near a well-lit bathroom or shower room will help with humidity.

Alocasia wentii

Also called the “African Mask Plant”.  A subtropical plant that comes from Asia and the Eastern part of Australia. It likes bright indirect sunlight and at least 5-6 hours a day will keep it healthy. It does not like a whole lot of water, let the plant dry out before watering again.

The Alocasia plant does not like over-fertilizing but should be fertilized at half the recommended ratio. It will grow two feet in height and 1.5 feet in width.

Now that you know more about Alocasia plants you might try keeping one of these in your home.  From my own experience, the hardiest of these is the Alocasia amazonica Plant.

Problems with Alocasia Plants

Like many houseplants, Alocasias are susceptible to Mealybugs, spider mites, and Aphids.  A suitable alternative to harsh insecticides is to use Insecticidal soaps.  I especially like to use Neem Oil because it can remove fungus and insects and the same time.

Alocasia is a genus of rhizomatous or tuberous, broad-leaved, perennial.  More information on these plants at Wikipedia.

There are many houseplants to use for your indoor decoration.  Indoor Houseplant Names

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