Annual Plants for the Southwest


Million Bells Plants

Million Bells Plants (Solanaceae family) Calibrachoa also called mini-petunias. These plants will do great in containers or in hanging baskets.  They are considered an annual plant this means they will not winter over.  They will bloom from spring and through late fall. Not so much during the mid-summer heat in the Southwest. Where to plant […]

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Soil amendments for gardening

Soil amendments for gardening – Does gardening require soil amendments? Yes, it does.  The soil in the southwest is poor.  We recommend Back To Earth Compost for planting trees, shrubs, and other larger outdoor type plants.  We recommend using it at about a half and half ratio. Half native soil and the other Back to […]

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Planting Violas

Planting Violas  (Violaceae family) in the southwest is a bit challenging.  These colorful plants love the sun during the spring seasons however once the hot summer heat arrives it’s best to place them in shade.  Weeds and Violas will compete with water so it is important to remove all weeds that are nearby. Use them […]

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Types of Plants that Attract Butterflies

Types of Plants that Attract Butterflies.  Most outdoor plants will produce some kind of flower, however, some flowers are more attractive to butterflies than others.  Butterflies are attracted to plants that produce a sweet smell and bright colors.  It’s best to know the type of plants you want to use in your garden if you […]

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Spring Color Geraniums

Great Flowering Color for Spring

Great Flowering Color for Spring.  These flowering plants will bloom throughout the spring seasons.  Some may last all the way to late summer.  Click on the photo for a larger photo. There are many more plants that will provide color throughout the spring seasons.  Here are a few that will help you decide what to […]

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Salvia plant care

Salvia Plant Care

Salvia Plant Care.  Most folks call these plants Saliva’s but also referred to as Sage.  These plants are beautiful low care types of plants that are drought tolerant after they become well established.  Herbaceous Salvias like Mexican and Chapparal sage will come back after the winter seasons. Annuals of Perennials Other types of salvias are […]

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Garden Design

How to increase flowering in plants

One question I get all the time is… ” How to increase flowering in plants ?” Especially during the hot summer season when flowering plants rarely bloom. It is a big problem when the temperatures can reach 110° Fahrenheit in the lower elevations of the Southwest. However, here are some gardening tips that will help […]

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Image by symphori from Pixabay

The Gazania Plant

The Gazania Plant, these plants are great for a full hot sunny area but they can tolerate shady conditions.  They are moderate watering plants and are considered annuals/perennials in the Southwest.  They do great in rock gardens or the Xeriscape landscape. Plant them with other low water plants like Verbena, Lantana, and Salvias. Very easy […]

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How to pick healthy plants

How to pick healthy plants

Buying plants at the big box stores How to pick healthy plants. This post is mainly about perennials, annuals, and plants that come in 4 or 6 pack, 4″ or 6″ plastic containers.  Larger plants, shrubs, and trees will be discussed in a future post. Local Nursery Versus Big-Box Stores First a little about purchasing […]

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Poinsettia Plant care

Poinsettia plant care – Keep plants looking good

Poinsettia plant care.   Poinsettias are in the Euphorbiaceae family and are used in pots and shown during the holiday seasons, especially during the Christmas season. All Poinsettias are native to southern Mexico and Central America and thrive in the tropical forests.  In Mexico, it is called the “Nochebuena flor” or Flower of the Holy Night in […]

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