Annual Plants for the Southwest

Colorful plants for the Southwest

More colorful plants for the Southwest.  Here are some gorgeous, fantastic long-lasting plants that many homeowners are looking for. Landscaping your home can be done with perennials or annuals. At Color Your World gardening Nurseries we will always have a wide assortment of these type of plants during spring, summer and fall. Colorful plants for the Southwest Below are […]

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Planting Violas

Planting Violas  (Violaceae family) in the southwest is a bit challenging.  These colorful plants love the fun during the spring seasons however once the hot summer heat arrives it’s best to place them in shade.  Weeds and Violas will compete with water so it is important to remove all weeds that are nearby. Use them […]

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Preparing garden for fall

Preparing garden for fall

Preparing your garden for fall Preparing the garden for fall. Ahhh, fall! With the changing colors, the bright, sunny days, and the cool, crisp nights, autumn is the perfect time to work in the garden. After a hot summer, the still-warm soil protects the root systems of new plantings, helps divided perennials survive the cut, […]

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Garden Design

How to increase flowering in plants

One question gardeners in and around the Southwest ask are ” How to increase flowering in plants ?” during the hot summer season? It is a big problem when the temperatures can reach 110° Fahrenheit in the lower elevations of the Southwest. How to increase flowering in plants The Southwest soil is poor and lacks […]

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How to choose the right plants for your garden

  How to choose the right plants for your garden.  Before you go to the garden center or nursery it is best to take notes on your current landscape. Grab a pen and pad, go outside and start taking notes on what you will need. It is easy to get caught up with all the […]

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This is a pretty house a ramble on the exterior front doorway area. Lots of landscaping plants and trees and large windows make this a very welcoming home.

How to landscape in the Southwest

How to landscape in the Southwest. Landscaping in the southwest requires you to start thinking along the lines of harmony. The fundamental way to your landscaping design success is consistency and it will need to be applied to your entire yard and all-around your home. It does not matter if you are from the Southwest […]

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Image by PollyDot from Pixabay

Rose Bush Problems

IDENTIFYING COMMON ROSE PROBLEMS Rose Bush Problems.  Roses are beautiful spring-blooming plants and they come in many colors and varieties.  And hundreds of hybrids are being made on a yearly basis.  Here are a few common-sense solutions to problems with roses. Follow Label Instructions Be sure to follow all label instructions and local state regulations […]

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Image by symphori from Pixabay

The Gazania Plant

The Gazania Plant, these plants are great for a full hot sunny area but they can tolerate shady conditions.  They are moderate watering plants and are considered annuals/perennials in the Southwest.  They do great in rock gardens or the Xeriscape landscape.  Plant them with other low water plants like Verbena, Lantana, and Salvias. Very easy […]

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Plants that are attracted to bees

Plants that attract bees

Plants that attract bees.  Most folks know honey bees are on the endangered species list but are they? They are not on the endangered list.   The yellow-face bee that is native to Hawaii is on the list but the Common honey bee is not. This is what has to say about the Yellow-Face Bee. […]

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Types of Plants that Attract Butterflies

Types of Plants that Attract Butterflies.  Most outdoor plants will produce some kind of flower, however, some flowers are more attractive to butterflies than others. It’s best to know what the type of plants you want to use in your garden if you want to attract butterflies. But first, here is a list of plants […]

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