Best Organic Gardening Products

The best organic gardening products.  Organic gardening does require more work, but the benefits are bigger blooms, buds, and brighter flowers.  Better tasting herbs, vegetables, and fruit. The health benefits are also a big plus.

Yes…there is a bit more work involved and more levels of concentration than in the standard chemical garden. But you can, with the proper direction and the right organic ingredients, have larger and more productive plants.

You can purchase organic gardening products from the large, big box stores but most of these are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment, not to mention the human body.

If you know little to nothing about organic gardening let’s, make sure you understand what it is.

It really means you are going to plant your garden without using synthetic fertilizers, and in turn will make your plants lush, green, and insect and chemical free. Isn’t that what we all want?

How to use organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers come from rock, minerals, plant matter, and animal matter like bone and blood meal.

To really take full advantage of your garden, it does not matter if it’s flowers, herbs, veggies or just a mixing of several plants for whatever purpose you desire. It’s best to have a detailed plan. And the perfect time to put together your plan is in early spring or late fall.

The best organic fertilizers are FoxFarm ™ Products. 

Start your plan with the products below.


Grow Organic and Chemical-Free Plants


Tiger BloomTiger Bloom (2-8-) This fertilizer comes in a liquid form. It is live cultivation of amino acids, vitamins, growth hormones, enzymes, and good 100% organic microbes.

It is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, it’s safe to use every time you water. You will get healthy, vigorous flowers and the results are fantastic. They can be used and formulated for soil and hydroponic systems. Used by many growers for bud sets and flowers.

This micro-brewed method incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano, and other tested organic components that offer a full, quite good selection of nutrients.

Norwegian kelp enhances nutrient uptake and increases larger production. Rock phosphate aids the transfer of energy from one part of the plant to another, this means larger buds and more fragrant flowers.

cha ching fertilizerCha-Ching is a 9-10-10 water-soluble late-flowering fertilizer it helps stimulate strong essential oil secretion and produces flavor and fragrance.

It also helps extend the flowering cycle.

Open Seasame 5-45-19 is also a soluble fertilizer that helps with early flowering and produces massive fruit and flower set. Excellent for getting quick ripening results height and looks.




Dont But Me SprayDon’t Bug Me insect spray pure organic insecticide that is made from chrysanthemum flowers and kills them on contact.

You can also apply it up to the day of harvest…not too many products can do that. 100% nonharmful to the environment and or humans.

You cannot purchase these products online or at any big mart chain store. Available at authorized FoxFarm™ Nurseries or Greenhouses.  Also, at Amazon.  But why pay the destination fee when you can get them at your nearest local Nursery?

We have lots of Fox Farm fertilizers at Color Your World Nursery come by today and get these products today. You won’t be disappointed. Looking for organic soils for plants? Check out our web page for organic soils.

The Best organic gardening products are right here at Color Your World Nursery and Guzman’s Greenhouse in Las Cruces. NM. or visit your local independently owned Nursery.

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