Canna lily in pot

Canna Lily Plant Care

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Canna Lily Plant Care how to water and prune.  The biggest care tip is that these plants like regular watering and fertilizing.  They can tolerate some shade but will need at least 5-6 hrs. of sunlight for the best results.  They are considered perennials in and around the Southwest regions, meaning they will come back season after season.

When does Canna Lily’s Bloom?

The canna lilies bloom late summer season and into mid-fall. If you deadhead the expired blooms.  The rhizomes and stems beneath the soil will multiply each season.  They love to be planted during the sweltering summer seasons and will thrive providing they get plenty of water.

It is not a Xeriscape plant but will look good with other types of low-watering plants like Lantanas, Verbena, and Salvias.

They will grow up to 3-4 ft. tall depending on the variety so it is best to place them in the background or in front of shorter annuals or perennials.

Canna lilies love the full sun but can tolerate some shade, especially during the mid-summer months.

Canna Lily Plant Care

Where to place these plants?

It is best to plant them where there is plenty of water.  Near a water feature is excellent they love the overspill of water from water fountains and ponds. These plants love good loamy well-watered soil but not soggy.

They are related to bananas, and arrowroot plants and do well throughout the American Southwest.

Canna Lily Plant Care

Problems with Canna Lilies

One big problem is rust.  It is a fungus caused by the pathogen called Puccinia thaliae.  This fungus caused the plant to wilt and turn a yellow color on the foilage.  The most common cause is too much rain or overhead watering.  It is best to place them in full sun as too much shade will make them prone to Fungal diseases.

You can trim off the severely damaged leaves and toss them into a plastic bag and then into the trash bin.  Never add these leaves to a compost pile or leave them lying around the yard.

Mealybugs will attack these plants.  These insects produce a white cotton-like substance.  They will suck on the foliage and eventually kill the plant.  Spray with neem oil or insecticidal soaps to kill these pests.  Sometimes you will have to spray them with something non-organic as mealybugs are tuff to remove once your plant is infected.  Early Detection and acting immediately is the best thing to do.

Learn about disease and insects on plants.


Canna lilies are perennials meaning they will survive colder regions. The USDA gardening zone is 8-10.  In warmer climates, you can trim your cannas after the first freeze.  Cut them down to almost ground level. Leave about 2-3″ above ground.  They will bounce back in late spring or early summer.

Where to place Canna lily

Planting them in the ground in full sun and partial shade is ok.  Plant them around the cement entrance or against wood, concrete, and any type of fence… again, they like full sun but can tolerate some shade.

Canna lilies do not mind being planted in a container. In fact, they will thrive in a pot.  In colder regions where they are considered an annual, you can dig them out before the first freeze dig up the rhizomes (roots) and place them in a paper sack, and save them indoors.  Take them out after the last freeze and re-plant them in the ground.

Canna lily in a pot

Did you know Canna lilies are not true lilies? Learn more over at wikipedia.


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