Care of Money Tree Plant

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The Money Tree plant (Bombacaceae) is Also called the Pachira aquatica.  The care of the money tree plant.  This plant is more of a bonsai-type houseplant. It will eventually grow to about 10ft. tall and the trunk is usually braided giving it that natural bonsai look.

Where and how did this plant get its common name?

It comes from an old Chinese story.  I’ve read and heard several versions of this story, but it goes something like the following.

“An old Chinese man was having problems with his finances. So, he knelt down and prayed to receive money. After he finished praying, he looked down at a strange-looking plant.   Thinking this came from the “gods” he started cultivating the plant and propagating it for others.  Eventually, the man becomes rich selling this unique plant” thus its name.

Care of money tree plant for beginners.

City water contains microorganisms and contaminants that will make your Money Tree lose its leaves or give it a droopy brownish look. Sometimes all the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.  This does not mean the Money tree plant is dead.

A good way to combat this is to use distilled or rainwater and fertilize with a water-soluble fertilizer on a regular basis. About once per month works best.  Make sure your pot drains well and use good potting soil.  Water about once per week and as mentioned earlier use distilled or bottled water.

It likes temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and should be sprayed with bottled water for humidity purposes. Spray it every other time you water it.

Fertilize at least once per month during the growing season.  Spring, summer, and fall.  No need to fertilize during the winter seasons.

Where to place this plant

It likes a well-lighted room or artificial light will also work.  Place it near a bright window where it will get morning sun and afternoon shade. The money tree plant likes lots of indirect sunlight and leave indoors underneath a skylight or large window with blinds would be almost perfect. You will see a significant difference within weeks.

Care of Money Tree Plant

Most folks tend to overwater this plant. If leaves start to drop and turn yellow you are probably over-watering. Let them dry out before watering again. Use a good all-purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer for better results.

The Care of The Money Tree Plant
The Braided Money Tree Plant

Check your Money Tree plant at least once per week, look for pests, insects, etc… Brown tip leaves could indicate over-watering. Be sure to isolate the plant whenever insects are present. Use a good all-purpose insect spray and ask for it at your nearest full-time nursery.

Go organic and spray with neem oil at the first sign of aphids or spider mites.  More information on insects and diseases is on this page.  Insects and diseases on plants. 

Care of Money Tree Plants

You should clean your houseplants regularly and remove dead or dying leaves. If your plant is over-infested with insects, trash it or at least isolate it from other houseplants. Make sure to wrap it in plastic and dump it inside your garbage bin.

Guzman’s Garden Centers located in Las Cruces, NM will usually carry the money tree plant. Be sure to ask for them at your local retail/wholesale nursery.

More houseplant care tips and photos of Ficus Benjamina, Ficus Repens, Ivy, Ferns, Hoya, and a whole lot more at houseplant information.

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