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Mexican Petunia Plant

The Mexican Petunia Plant (Ruellia brittoniana) sometimes called British Ruellia.  It is a fast growing easy care perennial for southwest landscaping.  It comes back year after year without any problem.  Propagating is a breeze just snip off a stem place in water and soil and it will grow! A showy purple flower that blooms for about 2-3 […]

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Fall Landscape Color

  Fall Landscape Color.  Get some landscape inspiration with these fall color trees and shrubs.  These photos were taken in and around the southwest.  Autumn is a great time to drive around the southwest countryside and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can visit this website and see some of the greatest outdoor New Mexico scenery that is […]

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A Secret Backyard Garden: Designing A Fairytale Garden

A Secret Backyard Garden.  Beautiful outdoor spaces are places to relax, feel inspired, and revel in the beauty of nature. Nothing is better for the heart or soul than time spent surrounded by beautiful living things. Fairytales always seem to feature a gorgeous palace garden or wildflower forest as the backdrop for the uplifting drama. […]

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Lilac Flowering Shrub

Lilac flowering shrub. Lilacs are tuff hardy shrubs that are very fragrant during the mid-spring seasons.  They will tolerate minus 40° weather! Many people think these plants will not survive the southwest summer heat, but they will….and they will look fantastic and bloom mainly in early spring. Water more often the first 3-4 years after […]

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Coral Vine Plant

The Coral Vine Plant – (Antigonon leptopus) Is a fast growing vine that does well in the southwest part of the U.S. The leaves are heart-shaped and fast-growing twigs that can easily climb fences, trellis, and arbors.  The Coral Vine plant will attract butterflies, bees, and birds in your landscape area. During late spring and early fall, […]

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6 Gardening Ideas for a Private Yard or a Pretty Garden

6 Gardening Ideas for a Private Yard or a Pretty Garden. With one-fourth of our planet being land, you might think people are spread out evenly throughout the world. However, the data compiled by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shows that half of the world’s population lives on merely one percent of its land. When […]

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Evergreen Magnolia Trees

Evergreen Magnolia Trees. Many folks think the Magnolia tree will not do well in the Southwest but actually, they do.  Many think they need lots of H2O and humidity and this is partially true.  In the Southwest is usually hot and dry and humidity levels are low except during the monsoon season. How much water does […]

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The Redbud Tree

The Redbud Trees

The Redbud Trees are small to medium-sized deciduous tree that blooms in early spring.  The majority of them grow about 15-30 ft. tall which makes them a great candidate for a small backyard or patio.  They produce small finger-like deep dark lavender blooms that will eventually turn into a heart-shaped leaf. Redbud trees can tolerate […]

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Preparing garden for fall

Preparing garden for fall

Preparing garden for fall! Ahhh, fall! With the changing colors, the bright, sunny days, and the cool, crisp nights, autumn is the perfect time to work in the garden. After a hot summer, the still-warm soil protects the root systems of new plantings, helps divided perennials survive the cut, and grows some vegetable varieties quickly. […]

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Hyssop Flower

A Perennial for Southwestern landscapes. The Hyssop Flower (Agastache Cana) – This great little plant will grow to about 15″ tall and about 18″ wide.  It is a prolific bloomer from about late summer to late fall in and around the southwest.  This variety is a showy lavender rose-colored flower.  It is an easy plant […]

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