Chilean Mesquite Tree

Chilean Mesquite Tree

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The Chilean Mesquite also called a thornless Mesquite tree (Prosopis chilensis) does very well in the southwestern United States. It will grow to about 40’ft. tall and 40ft wide. It is a thornless mesquite tree and provides lots of good shade during the hot summer months.  A very majestic looking tree for home landscaping. It is a perfect tree for privacy during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Chilean Mesquite Information

The Chilean Mesquite tree is an excellent choice for folks who want a good drought-tolerant shade tree. Like most drought-tolerant plants and trees they do not like lots of fertilizer or consistent watering. Not many trees can rival this Mesquite tree for its marvelous filtered shade.

You should plant it in a natural group for best results, or as a single specimen in the front yard or beside a back patio.

The root system is invasive best to plant this tree away from swimming pools or large ponds as their root system will reach this area. It is a deciduous tree (drop foliage in fall)  except for places where temperatures never go below freezing as per its native area.  It is a very drought tolerant tree once it is well established. It can tolerate poor soil.  The cold tolerance is about 20°F.

Chilean Mesquite Tree

Chilean Mesquite Tree
A Chilean Mesquite tree about 7-9 years of age.

Plant with other drought-resistant plants that have a Santa Fe-style landscape. Particularly well adapted to Western native landscapes. Color Your World Nurseries will have this type of tree year-round. Contact us at” Guzman’s Garden Centers Or call us at 575 521 0496 for on-site availability or questions about this tree.


Chilean Mesquite Tree
Provides shade during the hot Southwest summer.

Problems with this Tree

It is resistant to insects, borers, and diseases and thrives in hot climates.  Learn more about this tree at Wikipedia – Prosopis chilensis tree. 

The Honey Mesquite is another alternative.  It is native to the desert Southwest.


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    • Mern
    • February 20, 2016

    You mean (lose foliage in the FALL not SPRING, correct? on the Chilean Mesquite.

    • Paul Guzman
    • February 21, 2016

    You are correct Mern. Somehow my grammar and spell check did not find that error. Please continue to let me know other errors.

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