Colorful Leaves for Indoor Decoration

Colorful Houseplant Leaves – for Indoor Decoration

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Colorful Houseplant Leaves – for Indoor Decoration.  There are lots of colorful foliage plants to use indoors.  Here are some that work well no matter where you live.

The Croton Plant

(Codiaeum variegatum pictum) A plant with thick leaves that show a variety of striped dark green to bright yellow leaves.  It will grow up to 20″ in height, much taller if grown outdoors.  It likes bright light, the closer to a window with lots of sunlight the better.  Not enough and the leaves will start to look pale.  The more sunlight the brighter the foliage colors. They also like lots of humidity; spraying them with water during the spring and summer seasons is beneficial.

Colorful Houseplant Leaves - for Indoor Decoration
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Colorful Houseplant LeavesOxalis or Purple Shamrock

(Oxalis trianglaularis).  Great dark purple clover-like foliage color with white or light pink flowers during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  It likes moist soil so watering often is important.  Every other day is good during spring and more often during the hot summer months.

Colorful Houseplant Leaves - for Indoor Decoration
The Shamrock Plant in a round pot.

The Polka Dot Plant

(Hypoestes phyllostachya plant).  A great smaller type of plant with polka-dot speckled leaves.  They come in pink and white colors.  It likes bright filtered light and produces a small lilac-colored flower.  Water about 2-3 times per week during the spring and summer seasons. Less often in late fall and winter.  Trim the plant during summer to keep the plant full and compact.  Also called the Splash plant.

Colorful Houseplant Leaves - for Indoor Decoration
The Splash Plant

The Leaves of the Dieffenbachia plant

Colorful Houseplant Leaves - for Indoor Decoration
The Dumb Cane Plant

Large bright variegated leaves are perfect for that corner spot. The sap from the leaves is toxic and will cause swelling and numbness if chewed by humans and or pets.  Also called the Dumb Cane plant apparently, it got this name from folks who chewed its leaves, Hmmm… it is best to let the soil dry out before watering again.  An excellent plant for that less light spot.  The Dumb Cane plant can grow up to 6′ in height, sometimes taller if it’s placed in the right spot.  I’ve seen it grow from one side of the room to the other side.


Guzmania plant for indoor decor

The Guzmania plant produces colorful heads or bracts that come in many colors.  Dark red, yellow, and pink. It is in the bromeliad family. The leaves are bright and shiny.  Use good loamy soil or orchid mix and make sure you have good drainage. The one thing I don’t like is the stalk or head color will fade over time.

Houseplant Care
A nice looking Guzmania in a blue pot.

The Anthurium plant

Probably one of the best-looking foliage plants for indoor decoration.  The foliage colors are deep dark waxy, red, pink, and lavender.  They are also called the flamingo plant and are best to keep out of direct sunlight which makes it another houseplant for a room with medium light.  Water about 2-3 times per week.

Houseplant Care
The Anthurium Plant


Anthurium indoor plants
The lavender color of the Anthurium Plant


Coleus Plants for indoor Decor

Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) are plants that can be used indoors or in the garden outdoors.  There are literally hundreds of colors and varieties.  Below are just a few.


The top left is green and gold. Top right painted nettle. The bottom left is the Kong Rose Coleus, and the bottom right is the freckles Coleus.

“Kong Red” Coleus

More about Coleus Plants at

The Zebra Plant

(Aphelandra squarrosa). This tropical plant produces stripes that look like the Zebra animal thus its name.  It is a dark green leathery type foliage with white stripes and a bright yellow flower.  Most folks purchase this plant for its attractive foliage but will throw it away after it has bloomed since it will not bloom again.  However, the foliage will continue to show its colorful foliage months after it has bloomed.  It does well in bright light but not direct sunlight.  Water about 2-3 times per week making sure your container drains well.


Colorful Houseplant Leaves and Houseplant care

It is important to inspect your houseplants often.  Be sure to act on the first signs of disease or insects.

The plants here are susceptible to mealybugs, mites, and aphids spraying with neem oil is a great substitute for harsh chemicals. Neem oil will also eliminate powdery mildew and other types of fungus-type diseases.  It is best to take outdoors during good weather and spray thoroughly for the best results.

Learn more about Insects and diseases on plants.

Colorful Houseplant Leaves – for Indoor Decoration


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