Petunias in a Barrell

Colorful petunia plants

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Colorful petunia plants – Petunias are plants that have a wide range of color.  They are good in garden boxes, hanging baskets, decorative pots or just planted in the ground.  The colors and varieties are amazing. They are considered annuals and do not like freezing temperatures.

Petunias come in Grandiflora, Multiflora, Milliflora, and the Wave Petunias. All types are or should be available at your local nursery stores.  They come in numerous colors from deep reds to dark purples.  The night skies petunia shown below is amazing.

Colorful Petunia Plants
Night Skies Petunia Flower
Colorful Petunia Plants
Red and White petunias hanging over in front of window. Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

What are Wave Petunias?

The Wave petunias are hardier and will last throughout the long hot southwest summer.  Wave petunias like to creep and crawl this means they will spread up to 5 ft. in length Ideal for containers as they will cascade over your pot.  Plant them in a garden bed with taller perennials in the background.  They like well-composted soil and water often, especially during the mid-summer months.

The colors are Lavender, white, dark red, dark velvet, and purple.  Ask for them at your local garden center.

Unlike the normal petunias, wave petunias are easy to care for no muss or deadheading.  Yup, they will reflower over and over again until winter sets in.  Just water and fertilize regularly and you will have some the best-looking plants in your neighborhood.

A massive garden of red-wave petunias is below. These types of petunias are what many gardeners are now using to decorate outdoor gardening scenery.  You can use them in hanging baskets, and they will cascade over pots to give you a fabulous flowing scene of color.

Colorful petunia plants
Red “Wave Petunias”

Problems with Petunias

Aphids and caterpillars like the foliage particularly the new shoots of your plant. Full sun is the best place to plant them, however, in the southwest, they will do better if they are in shady conditions during the mid-summer season.  Except for the Wave Petunias as they will do well in full hot sun.

At the first sign of aphids spray them with an insecticide that will kill them.  A systemic insecticide will be your best choice as you apply it to the soil or container.  The root system will take it in and kill any bug that is eating on the foliage or stems.

Caterpillars are a whole different thing.  The best thing to use is Bacillus  thuringiensis also known as BT.  This product will kill caterpillars!  Numerous products will do the job but one of the best is called “Thuricide” it contains BT and it will eliminate all types of worms.

Go Organic to remove insects and caterpillars

The care of Petunia Plants.  Spray neem oil to help with insects and fungus.  You can also use a garlic barrier to help keep insects and caterpillars away.  Garlic barrier will not kill these garden pests but it will repel them from entering your area.

These pests do not like the smell of garlic and it is a simple alternative to harsh chemicals.  Ask for it at your local Nursery.

Neem oil will also help keep caterpillars and other worms from invading your petunias.  The most natural way to remove these nasty worms is by picking them out of your garden…yes one by one.  Use tweezers or tongs to pick them out and dispose of them properly.

Care of Petunia Plants

Care of Petunia Plants
Colorful Plants


Red, White, and Purple petunias on a hanging basket. Image by mschiffm from Pixabay


Colorful Petunias Plants
Nice Wave Petunias in a Whiskey Barrell. Image by Katalin Szabó from Pixabay

Colorful petunia plants

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6 years ago

Beautiful! Thank you for the tips!

Paul Guzman
Paul Guzman
6 years ago
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Thanks for the positive comment.

Carolyn Diaz
Carolyn Diaz
4 years ago
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Hi there! I have a wine barrel and I have started a small pot of fucsia purple petunias that I want to grow on top of my wine barrel. What size of pot should I put on top of barrel when I transplant. Love this idea and would look great in my patio!

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