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Coreopsis flowering perennial

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The Coreopsis flowering perennial is a nice-looking bedding plant.  They produce daisy-like flowers that are delicate but will bloom most of the spring and again in the fall.  The Coreopsis plant will grow about 2ft. tall and is easy to grow.  It is best to provide them with good loamy well-drained soil.

They are also called tickseed and are of the family “Asteraceae” plant.  Like most flowering plants they attract butterflies, birds, and bees.  The stems are long which makes them perfect to use for cut flowers.

There are lots of varieties and the most common is the Moonbeam type which is a full yellow flower. They come in numerous colors ruby red, sapphire, and even chiffon colors.  The colors are vivid and bright.  Ask your local nursery when and if they will stock these plants.

Coreopsis flowering perennial Temperature tolerance is 0 to -10° Fahrenheit, this means they will do well in colder climates throughout the Southwest.  Moderate watering but more often during the mid-summer heat.  These plants thrive in full sun but will do better in the morning sun and afternoon shade in the southwest.

Watering: drought tolerant. They will do fine and look good in rock gardens and you can place them in full sun or partial shade. Water more often during the mid-summer heat for longer-lasting looks and flowers.

Water every day when you first plant then cut back to about every other day.  Use a good balanced 20-20-20 fertilizer about once per month.

Companion plants include shorter plants placed in the foreground.  The blue Ageratrum plant will work wonders.  The yellow flower will contrast with the blue flower for an amazing garden bed effect.  See the image below.

Coreopsis flowering plant
Moonbeam Coreopsis and Ageratum in a nice small flower bed.


Coreopsis flowering perennial

Coreopsis flowering perennial


Coreopsis flowering perennial

The Coreopsis plant will do well in USDA zones 4-9.

Coreopsis tinctoria flower

Coreopsis tinctoria flower

A Coreopsis with red in the middle of the flower.


Learn more about the Coreopsis plant at Wikipedia.

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Elva cubillos
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