Dead Nettle in Pot

Dead Nettle Plant – Care and Planting

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Dead Nettle Plant – Care and Planting. This is a great little leaf plant that is perfect for ground-cover or in a decorative pot.  It is a herbaceous perennial and likes acidic soil.  There are about 50 species of this plant but the most common is the white Nancy (Malculatum).  These are usually sold at most retail gardening stores throughout the U.S.

Dead NettlePlant
The Dead Nettle Plant is also called White Nancy. Still showing off its foliage color in December.

The leaves are a spotted white in the middle surrounded by dark green around the edges.  It also produces a small white cluster of flowers in early spring and through late summer.  It will become somewhat drought tolerant once it becomes well established.  Other cultivars of this plant will produce pink, and purple flowers.  It is not an invasive plant so planting several in a row is a good idea.

Lamium plant
Dead Nettle or White Nancy against a wall with shade. Pink Veronica plants toward the back
Dead Nettle Plant
Lamium – White Nancy in a pot with Red Dracenea spike in the middle.

Where to place this plant?

It likes shady conditions so underneath a tree on a north/eastern exposure will work best.  Here is a list of shade-loving plants.  Plant them in the foreground with taller perennials/annuals toward the back.  Again, place them where there will be afternoon shade.  It is one plant that does not mind hard Calchie soil.  They will grow up to 7″ tall and can spread about 2ft. wide.  Trim them down to about 2-3″ during the late winter seasons for a good spurt of growth in early spring.

Problems with this plant

The Dead Nettle plant is usually disease and insect free but on occasion, slugs and aphids will attack this plant spray with neem oil to kill aphids, and apply Sluggo snail killer to get rid of slugs.  You can also use a strong stream of water spray to remove aphids.

Interestingly the leaves of this plant are edible and can be used to make tea.  Read more about how to use this plant for Culinary purposes at

This perennial plant can be used in USDA zones 3-8.

Dead Nettle Plant – Care and Planting

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