Desert Willow Tree

Desert Willow Tree (Chilopsis linearis) is a low watering spring blooming tree. It does well in the southwest. There are several varieties that you can use for your Desert landscaping needs. These trees are prevalent along the arroyos and ditch banks of the desert southwest.  They propagate when seed pods dry and fall to the ground.

Desert Willow Tree

The natural desert willow is drought tolerant and provides long-lasting blooms. It is deciduous in the southwest with long purple like trumpet-like flowers. Moderate grower up to 30ft. tall and 15ft wide. You can trim it for a great looking shade tree, or leave them alone for multi-trunk type large shrub. Plant several of them in a row for a great border type shrub.

Burgundy Desert Willow

Below is the  Chilopsis linearis ‘Burgundy’ desert willow.  Very similar to the one above but the flowers are a darker burgundy color, thus it’s named.

Desert Willow Tree


Desert Willow Tree

A very drought tolerant small desert tree. This one produces no seed pods and blooms longer than the regular Desert Willow. This means very little cleanup or maintenance during the fall seasons.

Hummingbirds and butterflies love the trumpet-like blooms. Beautiful easy care tree for rock landscapes or Xeriscape garden.

A good companion shrub for the Desert Willow Tree would be the Yellow Bird of Paradise plant.

And a longer more colorful desert gardening season. Ask for them at your nearest Garden Store.  Color Your World Nurseries will usually have this type of tree in stock.  USDA Zone: 7-9.

Insects on Desert Willows Trees

Desert Willow trees are insect and disease resistant but they will on occasion develop problems.  One insect that attacks these trees is the flathead borer.  Keep your eye on borers underneath the bark this is where they will hide and do damage.  It’s best to treat a desert willow with systemic insecticides.  Also, spray dormant oil during the late winter seasons will help keep insect larvae from hatching.  Thus, fewer insects during the spring and summer seasons.

Desert Willow Tree

Most of our desert trees come from Wholesale Nurseries.

Weeping Willow Landscape


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