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Diamond Aglaonema – How to care

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Diamond Aglaonema plant care.  This plant is a beautiful evergreen houseplant grown for its lush foliage.  Green leaves with speckled soft white color in the middle.  Also called a Chinese Evergreen plant and can be found at most locally owned nurseries or greenhouses throughout the U.S.

Aglaonema is a good plant to use indoors.  Some will even bloom.

Diamond Aglaonema - How to care
Diamond Aglaonema plant on the indoor table.

Care of Diamond Aglaonema

The Diamond Aglaonema likes moderate to high light so placing them in an office setting is good.  Watering is about once per week during the winter seasons a little more often during the hot summer seasons.  It is important that your container drains well if not the root system can develop root rot quickly.

From my own experience, it does not like to be in direct full sunlight doing so and it will quickly turn brown on its delicate foliage.  However, indoors it can take full artificial light and they should be placed in a warm area.

Other types of Aglaonema Plants

The Ruby Aglaonema has Dark Green variegated foliage with red striped veins and a pink spotted underside.  These types of plants will last indoors for a long time and they are very easy to care for.

The Leprechaun Chinese Evergreen. Dark green with gray stripes on the foliage. This one does not mind cooler temperatures, however, don’t place where daytime temperatures drop below 32 ° Fahrenheit. Water about every other day and fertilize with a good houseplant fertilizer.

Aglaonema - How to care
Beautiful Leprechaun Chinese evergreen plant on an outdoor table.


Problems with Aglaonema plants

Too much water and the tips will start to turn brown same goes for over-watering.  So it’s import to water about once per week.  If temps are too cold the middle of the foliage will turn spotty.

They are susceptible to aphids, scale, and root rot.  Keep your eye on these plants are the first sight of problems act quickly.  Use insecticidal soaps of neem oil as an organic solution.

There are many houseplants that you can use for indoor decoration.  Read more right here at Indoor Houseplant Names. 

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