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Easy Tree Stump Removal

Last updated on December 28th, 2021 at 06:01 pm

Easy Tree Stump Removal.  Let us face it tree stumps are hard to remove and expensive  You could rent a stump grinder or hire a maintenance landscaper to do this job for you.  But again it can be somewhat expensive.  But it can be done as a DIY job.

A stump grinder or Cutter

Easy Tree Stump Removal
Removal of a tree stump using a stump cutter and cutting or grinding into fine chips.


What about digging it up?

You could dig around the stump and expose the roots of the stump. Once you do that you can start chipping away with a good power chainsaw or a good sharp ax.  If the stump is small to medium-sized a good hand saw will do the job.

It will take some effort before all the major roots are cut.  Most trees have a root that goes straight down and this root is called a taproot.  It is basically the main root and it will usually find water near the water table.

The taproot will likely be the last root you need to cut before the entire stump can be lifted out.

Easy Tree Stump Removal

By far the easiest way is to drill some holes around the top of the stump.  A 1 inch bit or larger will usually do the trick.  You will need to fill the holes with Stump remover and add water to speed up the process.  Or you can pour in some kerosene in the holes and light it up this will also speed up the process.

DIY is the least expensive way to remove a stump

What you will need

  1. A good power drill
  2. Stump Remover
  3. Kerosene (optional)
  4. Man Power

Store-bought Stump Remove helps decompose the stump quickly adding kerosene accelerates the process.  Apply wood chips on top of the tree stump if you will be using Kerosene.  Then light it up be sure to monitor the tree stump until it has completely stopped burning.  From my own experience, HI-Yield’s stump removal is the best one to use.

Always check for power lines, neighbors’ yards or anything else nearby that might catch on fire.  Check with city and, county officials before starting any type of fire in your property.

Stump Remove from Hi-Yield
Stump Remove from Hi-Yield ask for it at your nearest Locally owned Nursery or greenhouse.



The more holes you make the better.  It is important to note that you should start drilling the holes ASAP if you wait too long the wood will get harder especially with most pine trees.  

You can find tree stump and or removal here at Homeadvisor.

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