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Echinacea plant Care | The Coneflower

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Echinacea plant Care.  It took me forever to pronounce the name of this plant but it is pronounced eh·kuh·nay·shuh. Or you can just say the “Coneflower plant”. It is a herbaceous flowering plant and is in the daisy family.

Their flowers are used for cuttings in most flower shops.  They look spectacular in rock gardens and can add color to Xeriscape landscapes. 

Where to place Echinacea Plant?

Their natural habitat is North America where they thrive in good loamy composted soil.  They are considered heat resistant and can tolerate full sun, however, it is best to plant them with some shade in and around the American Southwest.  The full hot mid-summer sun will prevent them from looking their best but with some shade, they will do just fine.

Coneflower Colors

There are numerous varieties and many hybrids being made every year.  Echinacea plants come in lots of colors bright pink, yellow, red, and green flowers.  The common color is purple and depending on the variety they will grow somewhere between 2 and 4.5 ft, tall.

Echinacea plant Care



Echinacea plant Care
Echinacea plants at Guzman’s Greenhouse

Cone flower plants will do well in containers

Echinacea plant care

The most common problem with Echinacea plants is stem rot.  Gardeners think this flowering plant needs lots of water but remember it is a drought-tolerant plant. Water about 2 times per week during the spring and fall seasons.  Three or four times during mid-summer, but make sure your soil drains well.  They are also prone to powdery mildew a fungus usually from overwatering these plants.  Do not plant near lawn water sprinklers or overhead watering.

At the first sign of fungus spray with Neem Oil.  Spray every other day to keep this fungus from killing your plants

They are considered herbaceous perennials.

USDA zones 4-10 has excellent photos of these plants.

Learn more about insects’ diseases on plants.



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