Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest

Evergreen shrubs and trees for the SouthwestEvergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest.

The Waxleaf Privet “Ligustrum japonicum” is a good evergreen plant or shrub.  Excellent to use as a stand-alone plant or place them in rows for a great border privacy wall.

They can also be trimmed to almost any shape.  A round ball or square perfect for that special contemporary look.  They grow to about 8 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide.  Small white flower during the early spring seasons.  They like regular watering with good, loamy composted soil.  Use them in pots and trim or purchase them as a tiered plant. The photo to the left is a good 3 tier wax leaf privet.

Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest
Doreen Wynja

Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest

Evergreen shrubs and trees for the Southwest
Photo credit – Geoff Bryant

Boxleaf Euonymus “Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus”. Excellent choice for a small short hedge as they will only grow to about 2 ft. tall.  You can also use them in pots and place them in the front entrance.

They like regular watering.  Is a dense evergreen shrub that has small creamy white flowers in early spring.  They can take full or partial sun.  They tolerate poor soil but will do better with composted soils.


photinia-fraseriRed Tip PhotiniaPhotinia fraseri”.  Full Sun-partial shade.  A fast growing shrub that can be used for a large hedge or stand-alone plant. The red tip leaves provide great color throughout the seasons.  Moderate water once established. Easily grown in average, medium wet soil. Loves southwestern gardens.


Green Cloud Sage

The Texas Sage – There many varieties and all are evergreen. However, younger plants take 2-3 years before they stay evergreen.  They are drought tolerant once established and will bloom mainly in mid-summer or after the monsoon seasons starts. Most will grow to about 5-7 ft. tall and wide.  Profuse purple blooms.

texas-mountain-laurelTexas Mountain Laurel “Sophora secundiflora”.  A showy multi-stemmed shrub or can be used as a small tree. Very fragrant violet-blue flowers. Clusters of flowers for a wonderful display. Slow growing and easily trained as a nice espalier or patio tree. It’s an easy to grow evergreen specimen.  Drought tolerant and well suited for the southwest area.  Can tolerate full sun.

Photo Credit – Hort Printers

Cherry Carolina Laurel – ‘Prunus caroliniana’.  It gets the name from the maraschino cherry like flower fragrance it gives during the spring season.  Great looking evergreen shrub or tree.  Perfect for a screen border.  Gets about 15 ft. tall and 7 ft. wide.  Fragrant creamy white flowers are followed by small black non-edible berries.


Viburnum – Viburnum tinus ‘Compactum’. There are many Viburnum varieties but the one we normally have is the “tinus” variety.  Nice evergreen shrub should be used as a stand-alone plant.  Can be planted in a large container.  It does have slight fragrant with pinkish-white flowers.

Got questions or want to comment on the above plants.  Please do so below!  We would love to hear from you.

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