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Fiddle fig leaf plant Care information

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How to Grow Fiddle fig leaf plant (Ficus Lyrata) Indoors.  This amazing plant will look great indoors, especially in rooms with tall ceilings.  It can take lots of filtered light or underneath a skylight is a good Thick waxy, shiny leaves with thick yellow/green veins on each leaf.

It will thrive in tropical or sub-tropical climates and will also do well in an outdoor landscape setting providing it will not freeze during the winter season.

Fiddle fig leaf plan


They like lots of room to grow and will do well underneath a skylight.  The water requirements are simple.  Water about once maybe twice per week, it depends on where you place it indoors.

The Fiddle fig plant does not like to be near fireplaces, entrance doors, or where there are consistent temperature changes.  So, if you have a room where the temperature is consistently about 70 degrees F. is good.

Not enough sunlight and the foliage will fall off.  The Fiddle fig plant does not like to be moved around.  Once you find a good spot do your best to keep it there.  It is best to be consistent with watering about 2-3 times per week.  A little more often if you placed it in a hot spot.  It likes the soil to be somewhat moist.

Make sure your container drains well this plant will develop root rot quickly.  I have seen numerous containers with the bottom hole plugged up.  Check them often using a pencil or stick to unplug.

Fiddle Fig tree plants will grow about 10′ tall indoors, perfect for homes with tall ceilings. However, outdoors (where it never freezes) it will get up to 50′ tall.

What about in a decorative container?

Fiddle Fig Leaf Plant
A handsome-looking Fiddle leaf fig with braided trunks.

Here is a lovely well-trimmed Fiddle Fig Plant in a container.  You will have to water it more often, so it looks its best.  It does not mind direct sunlight but not more than 5 hours or so.  Placing it next to a south or southwest-facing window and it will do well there.

How much light do they need?

Grow Fiddle Fig Indoors

Plenty of indirect light or filtered light is what they like.  Full sunlight for long periods will develop leaf scorch, or the leaves will turn brown, especially in the middle of the leaf.  Particularly throughout the American Southwest.

In its natural habitat, it can grow up to 10 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide outdoors.  Indoors it will grow to about seven or eight feet tall.  It does produce a small olive-sized fruit but only in its natural habitat.  Where is their natural habitat?  Western Africa. 

It does best with humidity, you should mist the plant at least once per week.  One crucial fact is that they do not like to be moved around, so think well before choosing a good spot for your Fiddle-Leaf-Fig plant.

Problems with the fiddle fig leaf plant

If the brown spots are in the middle of the plant you might be over-watering it. Additionally, the yellowing and the dropping foliage indicate over-watering.

If browning occurs on the edges and the middle of the plant it is underwatering. This can be cured by misting your plant every other day and ensuring watering at least once per week.  If your home is consistently dry you might try watering twice per week.

Another big problem is mealybugs and sometimes spider mites. Mealybugs will hide underneath the foliage of this plant.  Take outdoors and spray a strong stream of water to knock off most of these insects.

Mealbugs on fig tree
Heavy infestation of mealybugs on a fruiting fig tree

Afterward, spray with neem oil or insecticidal soaps to kill Mealybugs or Spider mites.  Read more about – Insects and diseases on plants.

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