Gardening Advice in Las Cruces

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Free Gardening Advice in Las Cruces

Our website has a ton of free gardening advice in Las Cruces New Mexico.   Our Stores are located in the Southwest of New Mexico, with an elevation of 3,908 feet. According to Google the population of Las Cruces is over 113,000 thousand (2022).

Las Cruces, located in the Southwest, is known for its challenging desert garden conditions; however, with some expert advice, you can successfully grow a variety of plants that thrive in this unique environment.

Our gardening advice is for those who live in the lower elevations of the Southwest region. The southwest region typically has poor soil conditions.  The air is dry, and the moisture is low.

It is a challenge for most folks to grow things but with the correct gardening information, you can grow just about anything here that will grow elsewhere.

One thing you can do right now is to join our Southwest gardening newsletter – it’s free.  You will receive gardening tips for gardening in the Southwest USA.  Join Here. 

Where exactly is the American Southwest?

According to Wikipedia, the Southwest has many states and regions.

Broad definitions have included nearly a quarter of the United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Narrowly defined, the “core” Southwest is centered on Arizona and western New Mexico, the extreme western part of Texas, and the very southern parts of Colorado and Utah.

Gardening Advice in Las Cruces

Our gardening tips are for all the above states and regions.

Come by today and ask our friendly staff for details on trees, shrubs, bedding plants, and everything else in between.

Find our garden centers in Las Cruces New Mexico

Find your gardening zone here – Plant Hardiness Zone

Month-to-month gardening tips – Southwest Monthly Gardening Tips

Our website Map is right here.  Guzman’s Greenhouse Site Map.

Or you can ask our friendly staff or Gary by filling out the form at Contact US



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