Gaura Plant Care

Gaura Plant Care

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Gaura plant care for southwest landscaping.  Gauras (lindheimeri) are great perennial spiky plants that seem to bloom forever from about late spring until early fall.  They are considered a herbaceous perennial and depending on the variety they will grow from 2 ft. and up to 4 ft. tall and wide.

The most common one is the whirling white Gaura.  With dark green spiky stems and leaves perfect for a garden that wants color during the mid-summer heat.

These plants thrive in poor soil and are considered drought tolerant once they become established usually after the 3rd year or so.  They do well in poor soil but will look better with good loamy soil.

What about fertilizing?  They do not require lots of fertilizer but you can feed them for quicker growth and flowers with an all-purpose fertilizer, GrowMore’s fertilizer will work great.  Best to cut them down just before winter sets in unless you live in places where there are no freezing temperatures.  Mulch during winter to help protect the root system.


Types of Gaura

  • Whirling white
  • Pink Gaura
  • Siskiyou pink
  • Rainbow Gaura
  • See photos of these plants over at
Gaura plant care
White Gaura or Oenothera lindheimeri blooming.


Where to place Gaura

Plant them in full sun or partial shade but they will need at least 6 hrs. of full sunlight for good blossom and growth.  You can also plant them in containers but it is important that your container drains well.  Plant two or more side by side for some fantastic color and landscape looks.




Problems with Gaura Plants

They are hardy plants that will do well in the desert southwest they are not prone to diseases or insects.  One problem you might encounter is too much water.  Yes, root rot is the biggest problem with Gaura plants keep your eye on your drip system and make sure your soil drains well.

More Colorful Plants for the Southwest at Buy Lantana Plants.

Gaura Plant Care

USDA zones are from 5-10.

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