Growing Lucky Bamboo Plants

Growing Lucky Bamboo Plant

Last Updated on March 17, 2023 by Paul Guzman

Growing Lucky Bamboo Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) is not particularly difficult.  I have often wondered why it is called the “Lucky bamboo”?  After doing some research, I have learned that it is supposed to bring health, and fortune, into your home and your business.

Growing Lucky Bamboo Plant
Typical Lucky Bamboo plant at most Local Gardening Stores. Best to place them in a metal, glass, gold, silver, white, blue, or black color container.

Where to place Lucky Bamboo Plant

First, it likes medium-type temperatures between 60°- and 75°-degrees Fahrenheit basically not too warm or cold.  It does like a good amount of light but not direct sunlight all day.  It is a plant that likes to stay in one spot too much moving around, and it will go into stress.  A little morning or late afternoon sun is ideal.  These plants are for indoor use; however, you can place them outdoors where there is ample shade and temperatures do not go below or above as mentioned earlier.

Fertilizing and watering this plant

From my own experience, it does not like tap water.  Use bottled water or rainwater if possible.  Too much tap water and the tips may start to turn brown. Fertilize with a good all-purpose indoor fertilizer, the liquid type will work well.  You can also go with organic fertilizers such as blood meal or bone and blood meal will work well.

Want to know what is fertilizers we include Organic ones?

Problems with the Lucky Bamboo Plant

Growing Lucky Bamboo Plant
Mealybugs on the leaf of a fig tree

One big problem is mealybugs. These insects love this plant, so it is important to consistently look at your plant.  They mostly appear on the leaves and look like small specks of white cotton, sometimes scale-like bugs (see image below).  At the first sign of mealybugs act ASAP.  Use a good organic insecticide like soap insecticides or neem oil to kill these insects.

Scale Mealybugs
Pest mealybug closeup on the citrus tree.

What types of pots to use?

According to The Botanical Journey Blog – “The lucky bamboo should be in metal, glass, or in a gold, silver, white, blue or black color container that is at least 2 inches tall”.   They also have information on how to double your luck with this plant.

Growing Lucky Bamboo Plant
Lucky Bamboo Plants in Glass Containers
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