How to choose the right Stihl chainsaw

How to choose the right Stihl chainsaw

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How to choose the right Stihl chainsaw.  Are you thinking about purchasing a new right Stihl chainsaw but aren’t quite sure which one to choose? Let me give you a few tips that will help get you pointed in the right direction chainsaws are a versatile and time-saving tool.

They’re very powerful it’s important that you match the right chainsaw with the job that you have to do as well as with your level of experience in using the saw.



How to choose the right Stihl chainsawHow Experienced are you with Chainsaws?

So let’s get started the first thing you should do is ask yourself three questions:

    1. First, how experienced I am using a chainsaw?
    2. What do I plan to cut with my chainsaw?
    3. Finally, how big in diameter will they be that I plan on cutting?

Let’s start with our first question if your answer was that you have little to no experience with the right Stihl chainsaw.

You should probably make as conservative of the choice as you can although you want to have a chainsaw with the right power range and features to perform the task at hand.

It’s best that you don’t choose one with substantially more power than you need if you plan on using your best Stihl chainsaw occasionally around the yard.

Lightweight Stihl Chainsaw

Say clearing up after a storm or maintaining trees on your property then you should consider a smaller lightweight unit such as the MS 181 CBE.

The MS 181 CBE has lots of power to take on those tasks around your home coupled with a reduced emissions engine and bar links that can range from 12 to 16 inches.

Now all steel chainsaws will come standard with the quick stop chain break the master control lever a very comfortable. AV system and automatic bar and chain Orleans EMS 181 CB also come with the still easy to start feature as well as a perch pump and a quick chain adjuster.

The easy to start feature enables the user to start the engine with an almost effortless. Pull of the cord couple with the purge pump that ensures the fuel system is primed with cool fresh fuel and the quick-change adjuster allows you to maintain the proper chain tension.

Without the need for a special tool or wrench if you will be using your chain.
So I’m not only around the house but possibly to cut some firewood or to clear a few trees from your property.

Powerful Chain Saws

Then you should consider stepping up to the more powerful MS 2 51 series also equipped with the reduced admission engine.

The 251 series handlebar links from 16 to 18 inches and like the MS 1 181 CBE the MS 251 CBE. Also comes with the easy to start feature purge palm carburetor and quick chain adjuster.

Finally, if you have a larger property such as a farm or ranch and you’ll be using your right Stihl chainsaw on a regular basis then you want to consider moving up to a more powerful chainsaw that can support longer bar length and is built to stand up to constant heavy-duty use.

Take a look at the MS 271 the bar links on a 271 series range from 16 to 20 inches and this series is a pack of professional features empowered built for those really big jobs.

Now for the third question how big will they be that you would tend to cut this? It will be one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make when choosing the right Stihl chainsaw.

Often people will overestimate the size of the wood they’re going to cut and then buying more saw than they actually need. Let me show you an example of this the MS 181 CBE is equipped with a 16-inch bar now that’s plenty for cleaning up following limbs around your yard.

Also, trees that may be down this is RMS 271 with a 20-inch bar and this is a 20-inch tree now that’s pretty big and most likely when working around your farm or ranch.

This tool with the 20-inch bar should have the job make sure you’re realistic about choosing the right bar length to combine with the engine series that best fits your needs.

Stihl has many chainsaws to choose from with a variety of power ranges features and bar length make sure you check this to find the chainsaw the best fits your needs or visit the website at to learn more about chainsaw products.

How to choose the right Stihl chainsaw

So remember, ask yourself these three questions, how experienced I using a chainsaw, what do I plan to cut with the right Stihl chainsaw and finally how big in diameter to cut. Will they be that a plan on cutting once you’ve answered these questions you will be well on your way in choosing the right Stihl chainsaw for your needs, we’ll see you next time?

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