How to grow Russian sage

How to grow Russian sage

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How to grow Russian sage. The Russian sage bush or plant – (Peroviskia artiplicifolia)

Russian Sage Plant

How to grow russian sage
Russian Sage next to a west rock wall.

How to grow Russian sage

Many new gardeners mistake this plant for a Lavender or a Texas sage but it is a sage and its origin comes from Russia.  The plant thrives in and around the Southwest and it has tall spikey limbs that are a bright lavender-blue color. It is a tuff vigorous plant that grows almost anywhere.

The foliage is a silver-gray color and it starts to bloom in late spring until and into early fall.  It does well in a rock garden or Xeriscape landscape.  Plant it in full hot sun do not plant in the shade as it will sprawl and spring out in places you might not want!  The best time to plant is in early spring or mid-fall.

Is Russian Sage Drought Resistant?

Once it becomes established it is very drought tolerant. It does tolerate poor soil and grows about 4-5 ft. tall and wide.  It is also good for container gardening.  This plant is somewhat invasive so it is best to give it lots of room to grow.

I would not place this plant near other plants that are in your flowering or vegetable garden as it will quickly take over.

Russian Sage can be propagated by separating clumps of plant roots and all.  Place the new sage clump in a good well-drained container.  Use topsoil or potting mix water about every other day during the spring season.  Once it shows new growth it’s time to plant in the ground.

Russian Sage Plant in a Landscape Design.

It is hardy in USDA zones 5 through 10.  Look up your USDA hardiness zone here. has more photos and information about Russian sage.


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