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How to make Bonsai Plants

How to make Bonsai Plants.  Bonsai are dwarfed by growing them in a container. You can control the look of almost any plant by pruning and cultivation thus making them an artistic look.

How to make Bonsai Plants

It’s also an effective way to recognize Japanese culture as they have profound respect for all living things.  Growing Bonsai is an art form and can be mastered by anyone who desires to make these plants a “Living Painting”.

You can have these miniature plants actively growing year-round in your greenhouse or home.  You can have these miniature plants actively growing year-round in your greenhouse or home or outdoor landscape.

Most bonsai are made from Juniper plants.  I highly recommend using a San Jose Juniper variety. I suggest you visit your local retail nursery and ask for one. Making your own Bonsai is a lot less expensive than purchasing one already made.

How to make Bonsai Plants

Tools needed to make a bonsai

  • A good pair of pruning clippers.
  • A good pair of leather gloves.  Most Junipers are prickly.
  • A Good Bonsai pot – Your local nursery should have some.
  • Good galvanized or copper wire to train stems and limbs to make do what you want.

You will need patience and a desire to learn how to make them.

Here is a small list of other plants that are good candidates for Bonsai Construction.

  • Dwarf Junipers
  • Dwarf Yaupon Holly
  • Dwarf Garden Japanese Juniper
  • Japanese Red Maple
  • Pony Tail Palm
  • Emerald Ficus
  • You can choose almost any tree or plant.  However, the smaller the better.

How to make Bonsai PlantsWe will make a bonsai out of this dwarf Garden Japanese Juniper. Start by looking for limbs and to cut…go ahead, try it. Don’t be afraid to cut limbs that you think need removing. Limbs that shoot out vertically will typically make good bonsai




How to make Bonsai Plants

    Separate limbs and foliage to see where the best place is to cut. Try to keep all limbs that are more vertical. Limbs that shoot straight up or down should be pruned off.




How to make Bonsai Plants

      • It’s best if you start from the bottom and work your way up.

Making a bonsai is not as complicated as some folks think it is.

Remove plastic containers to see your root ball. Do not be afraid to cut down on roots and remove soil. The root ball needs to fit inside the bonsai pot. Exposing some of the upper root systems will give your bonsai a much more realistic setting.



      • Use a good pair of pruning clippers to prune larger-type limbs. Smaller bonsai pruners are needed for small foliage pruning. Cut off any smaller type of foliage from the bottom of the limbs.  Remove some of the dirt from the top of the plant.  Exposing the top roots gives it a unique look.



How to make Bonsai Plants
Prune limbs tend to shoot straight up.  But don’t overdo it.




Place theHow to make Bonsai Plants plant in a bonsai pot for that bonsai look.  It only takes about 3-4 bonsai’s before you get the hang of it.  This will be your creation, it’s your artwork and an excellent way to reduce stress.


How to care for most Bonsai Plants

Bonsai care – Watering – Should be kept moist. It is advisable to submerge the container in water and then let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Water directly over the base of the trunk.

Location – Place your plant indoors in a warm well-lit location and remember that indoor bonsai are intolerant of outdoor conditions unless you live in a tropical area.

Bonsai Fertilizing – You should fertilize once every four months using a 20-20-20 fertilizer at half the label rate. Do NOT fertilize when the soil mix is dry.  Always water thoroughly before applying fertilizer.

Outdoor care Bonsai – Keep your Bonsai outdoors in a cool well-lit location. It can be brought indoors for 2 or 3 days and then rotated outside again. Protect bonsai from freezing temperatures.

Pruning – Prune bonsai to the desired shape YOU want. Use small sharp scissors or small pruners. You should also report every 2-3 years, usually in the early spring.

Junipers like full sun – Place them outdoors.  Junipers are susceptible to spider mites.  Your plant will turn a grayish color when spider mites attack.  Use good spider mite control insecticide.

Learn more about Bonsai at Wikipedia.






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