How to Transform Your Room Without Spending a Fortune

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How to Transform Your Room.  Your room is your own sanctuary and you should be able to change up the way it looks when you want to. You have the right to decorate it as you please and make it as beautiful according to your taste. This area serves as your canvas in which you can get creative and draw out your dream space within such a busy and hectic world. The real problem, however, lies in having to pay for making your dream room a reality. At times, you’re going to have to shell out tons of money in order to realize your vision. Or do you?

How to Transform Your Room

Interior decorating doesn’t always have to be so expensive. To help you out, here are some great tips for transforming your room without having to spend a fortune.

Go on Pinterest

You have to start confidently if you want your room to look exactly how you envisioned it. Although it’s normal and usually recommended to consult a professional interior decorator, this will lead to spending a large sum of money on your part. Create a vision for yourself instead. It’s free and the final outcome will end up more towards how you want your own room to end up looking. And if you don’t know where to start, there’s always Pinterest. Go on this app to create your digital mood board to really get a better grasp of what you want your dream room to look like.

Research about Feng Shui

Another online tip is to research the art of Feng Shui instead of consulting a professional. This ancient Chinese practice lets you reorganize and redecorate your room to create the best vibe for you. It also links to superstitious beliefs that venture into luck, peace, and the like. When you’re not sure where to place your bed, for example, you can look up on what Feng Shui instructs would be the best position for it inside your room. It can also tell you what the best furniture to buy and where to place them in order to encourage more luck and good vibes inside the room.

Get Your Friends and Family to Help

Redecorating a room is no easy feat, You’re going to need a few helping hands to achieve your dream room. However, hiring people would also cost quite a lot of money. But when you ask your friends and family for help, the price might be considerably lower. Talk to those you know are free of the moment, are handy when it comes to big projects such as this, and your closest pals. Although they’re most likely still ask for something in return, you can better negotiate the price within your own terms and budget that won’t take a huge toll on your wallet and bank account.

Shop at Antique Stores or Flea Markets

Going furniture shopping is probably the most expensive part of redecorating your room. But if you shop in antique stores and flea markets, you’ll find that you won’t have to spend that much money. You can set yourself a budget to ensure that all that you purchase won’t be too much. Antique stores are filled with fascinating objects that will add more character to your room. This is also the best place in the shop if you have a specific look in mind. On the other hand, flea markets also offer the same one-of-a-kind ornaments, and here, you can haggle your way to getting a great price!

Open it Up

Whatever you look you want for your room, chances are you’ll want it to be spacious. And for that to happen in a cheap way, you can simply open your room up more. All the openings you can find, don’t block them with thick curtains or blindfolds. Let in the light to maximize as much space as you want, even there’s a lot of stuff inside. Spa enclosures are the perfect examples to follow this. Most of such backyard structures are made out of glass panels, which lets in so much light that the inside will always look spacious. Your room can have the same effect.

Brighten Up with Plants

Another way to brighten up your room is to incorporate some botanical bliss. Buy some house plants for your own space so that it’ll smell sweeter, look more vibrant, and the air will be fresher and cleaner. Plants are not that expensive to buy and you can get great deals on even the most exotic house plants at flea markets. You can even for the hanging plants to still maximize the space. This will work well with opening your room up as the plants will get as much sunlight as they need to survive. You can also maintain their growth better since they’ll be situated near where you spend most of your time in.

How to Transform Your Room

Paint it Yourself

A hugely important part of your redecorating your room is changing the color. This is oftentimes the first thing you do when transforming your room into a new look. But won’t it cost a lot if you pay people to paint it? Yes, it will, but not if you paint it yourself. Shell out an entire day when you can paint your room into your preferred new color. This can also be a project wherein your friends and family will help you. Although painting a room is a big job, you’ll find that it’s not difficult to do and you don’t need to pay professionals to do it for you.

Spend more time in your dream and less on paying for it to become a reality by doing these tips and more. You’ll see that redecorating your own space isn’t that difficult more expensive!

This article is written by Sarah Grace Del Rosario.

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