Identify trees by leaves

Identify trees by leaves

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Identify trees by leaves – You can click on each image for a larger view.

The majority of the images come from in and around the Southwest New Mexico area.  Others are from images.

Identify trees by leaves
The Red Oak Leaves about to change its green color to red/bronze.

Learn more about the Texas Red Oak Information.

Identify Trees by Leaves

The Chinese Pistache tree is in my opinion the best ornamental/shade tree to plant in the Southwest.  Learn more here.  Chinese Pistache Trees.

The Leaves of the Redbud Tree
The Leaves of the Redbud Tree

Redbud trees are excellent small to medium-sized trees that are perfect for smaller yards. The blooms in early spring produce bright purple flowers. The Redbud trees. 

Common Trees Leaves in the Southwest

Cottonwood Tree leaves
The leaves of the Western Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood trees are fast-growing with big dark green leaves that thrive in and around the Southwest regions of the U.S. More about the Western Cottonwood Tree.


The Chinaberry Tree
Chinaberry tree with purple blossoms

Learn more about the Chinaberry tree over at


Identify Trees by Leaves
The Vitex leaf and flower. Also known as the “Chaste Tree”.

Also called the Chaste tree, Chasteberry, and Lilac Chaste Berry. The growth rate is about 15-20ft. tall and wide sometimes taller after 30 years.  Learn more here “The Vitex Tree

The Magnolia Tree leaves

The Bradford Pear Leaves

Palo Verde Leaves and Flower
The yellow flower and small oval-shaped leaves on the Palo Verde tree.

You can see more photos and information on this and other trees at “Southwest Trees“.

Mesquite Tree and Thorms
The Mesquite Tree leaves with thorns on the stems

Texas Mountain laurel leaves and flower
The Texas Mountain Laurel tree (Calia secundiflora, formerly Sophora secundiflora)


The Leaves of the Weeping Willow tree.
Weeping willow tree foliage. Long and narrow foliage.

The thick dark green leaves and flower of the Tuscarora Crape myrtle.

Learn more about “Landscaping with Crape Myrtles“.

Ash Tree Leaves in summer.

The Raywood Ash tree is a good tree for shade in summer and color in fall.  Read more about this tree at “Raywood Ash Tree“.

Carolina Laurel Tree Leaves

The thick dark green foliage of the Carolina Laurel tree.  A beautiful evergreen for smaller type landscapes or backyards.  Read more about this tree at Carolina Laurel Tree.

The leaves of the Honey Locust Tree

The pinnate compound leaves of the Honey Locust tree are 5 to 8 inches long.  Leaves will turn a nice golden yellow in autumn and fall off in winter.  Click on the image for a larger view.

The Leaves of the Pecan Tree
The Pecan tree Leaves

The broadleaf leaves of the Pecan tree.  It is deciduous meaning the leaves will turn yellow and fall off during the winter seasons.  Learn more about pecan trees here.  Types of pecan trees.

Leaves of Albizia julibrissin close-up. Also known as the Mimosa Tree.  Albizia is a species of tree in the genus Albizia of the Legume family (Fabaceae).

Purple Leaf Plum Leaves
The leaves of the Purple Leaf Plum tree.

The Purple leaf plum will produce lavender-pink blooms last about 2-3 weeks. Then it gives out dark purple foliage; thus its name.  They are one of the first to bloom in early spring.  Learn more about early blooming trees and plants.

We will be adding more photos of tree leaves for identification.

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