Indoor House Plant Names

Indoor House Plant Names and Pictures

First and foremost, it is important to understand each plant’s specific needs. Some plants require more sunlight, while others thrive in low-light conditions. By reading this post and researching or consulting with a knowledgeable garden center, you can determine the ideal location for each plant in your home. This way, you can ensure that they receive the right amount of light to grow and flourish.

Indoor House Plant Names

Money Tree Plant (Pachira aquatica) Too much water is the number one reason this plant dies. This plant likes lots of indirect sunlight.  Keep it warm and away from outdoor drafts.  Do deep watering but let it dry completely before watering again—less water during the winter seasons.  Use distilled or bottled water for better results.  Avoid moving this plant it likes to stay in one spot.

pepperomia plantPeperomia Plant (Piperaceae family) – Bright filtered light is best to let the soil dry out a bit before watering. Not enough light will make it leggy. They also like high humidity. There are about 1,000 species and this one is the most common.

rubber-plant2Rubber Plant – (Ficus elastica) – Likes low indirect sunlight. Leaves are thick and rubbery kind of like Ummm…Rubber! Easy care good looking indoor plant. It does like regular watering every other day during the hot summer months. More photos and information about the Ficus Plants.  Indoor Houseplant names

Indoor House Plant NamesCardboard Palm Plant – (Zamiaceae family) – Thick-leaved plant used indoors in the southwest. No blooms are used mainly for their foliage. There is a level of toxicity to this plant, not a good choice if you have indoor pets. Grows to about 3ft tall. Let it dry before watering again.  Drench your container when watering.  It likes warm temperatures somewhere between 60 – 70 degrees  Fahrenheit. It is also called the “ZZ” Plant.

Orchids Orchid plants – Humidify using pebble trays or misting regularly as needed. Or place them in a shower or restroom.

Common types of Orchids

    • Dendrobium
    • Cattleya
    • Cycnoches
    • Cymbidium
    • Epidendrum
    • Oncidium

Use unique orchid pots & orchid bark for root aeration. Do NOT cut flowers or stems on the Phalaenopsis variety. More Orchid care tips. Always use good Orchid Food to fertilize orchids.


Indoor Cacts


Cactus as Houseplants

Indoor Cactus – There are thousands of indoor cactus. Most need very little care they only need to be watered about 1-2 times per month. Use cactus juice instead of plant fertilizers.
Types of Succulent pictures.

Do not use typical fertilizers instead use cactus juice.  If you live in an area where you never get freezing temperatures you can leave them outdoors.

Indoor House Plant NamesAsparagus Fern- (Asparagus densiflorus) This plant is an indoor plant in the southwest it likes moderate watering 2-3 times per week in summer less during winter. It can be used as a filler plant or by itself. It does well in hanging baskets and window boxes. It likes to be fertilized regularly once a week is best. It can also tolerate low light. More about ferns here.

Indoor House Plant NamesVariegated ficus – The variegated ficus likes more direct sunlight than some of the other houseplants. What it doesn’t like are freezing temperatures. Fertilize at least once per month and let it dry out before watering again typically once or twice per week during the summer season.

Indoor House Plant NamesZebra Plant- (Aphelandra Squarrosa ‘Louisae’) Very attractive houseplant with zebra-like white lines across the leaves. It is from the Acanthus family. Very pointy wax-like leaves likes indirect sunlight small yellow blooms. This plant likes regular watering best to keep it moist but not soggy.

Indoor House Plant NamesLucky bamboo- (Dracaena sanderiana) This plant likes good, bottled water…no tap water. indirect sunlight little or no fertilizer. It is from the Dracaena family.
More photos and information about Lucky Bamboo.

Ferns make good houseplants

Indoor House Plant NamesBirds Nest Fern- (Asplenium nidus) This plant likes lots of humidity. Indirect sunlight is Also called the Birds Nest Fern. Exceptionally large waxy-looking fronds. Indoor Fern Plant Care.
More photos and information about the Birds Nest Plant.

christmas-cactusChristmas Cactus – (cacti Schlumbergera) A great little cactus that blooms right around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and yet again in spring.  Like most cacti, it does not require much water or fertilizer.  Learn more about the Christmas Cactus here. 

Perfect for indoor decor during the holidays.  It does not like freezing temperatures.  They come in bright pink, red and yellow.  Use Cactus juice instead of plant fertilizer. Water about once per week.

Indoor Houseplant Names
Chinese money plant


The Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides).  The foliage looks like coins, thus its name.  The first time I saw this plant I thought it was Dichondra, then maybe wild Ginger.  But after some research, I realized it was the Chinese money plant.  Easy care and likes a little less light indoors.  If outdoors place them in filtered shade.  They will grow at about 1 ft. tall and a little wider.


The Aglaonema Leprechaun Plant

It is also called a Chinese evergreen plant.  It grows about 7 maybe 8 inches tall.  It can tolerate low to medium light, perfect for an office space.  Green with gray stripes on the foliage.  It also does not mind cooler temperatures.  Water about every other day and fertilize with a good houseplant fertilizer.

Some good Houseplant care tips

Clean your houseplants regularly and remove dead or dying leaves. If your plant is over-infested with insects, trash it. Make sure to wrap it in plastic and dump it inside your garbage bin.

Most houseplants love indirect sunlight, not direct sunlight. Many houseplants will do great underneath a skylight or a window that does NOT have direct sunlight.

Some advice on keeping these plants healthy

Fertilize! Yes, do this at least once per month during spring, summer, and fall-Except for cacti and succulents. Use Cactus juice instead. 

Avoid over-watering and under-watering.  The symptoms are similar.  Check for insects and diseases at least once per week.  Act quickly, do not put this off.

We recommend Grow-More’s 20-20-20 all-purpose fertilizer plant Food.  It’s what we use on our nursery houseplants. Guzman’s Garden Centers will usually carry these types of houseplants. Be sure to ask for them at your local retail/wholesale nursery.

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