Lady Banks Rose Landscape

Lady Banks Rose for landscape

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Lady Banks Rose for landscape. The Lady Banks rose (Rosa banksiae) is a flowering thornless rose. If pruned correctly it can stand on its own trunks.  It is a vigorous grower and tolerates poor soil but will do better in good organic compost.  The most common one is the Yellow variety followed by the white flower.   It will explode with flowers in mid-spring or so and is considered a climbing rose.

Lady Banks Rose for landscape
The white Lady Banks Rose.

Prune the bottom stems to produce a nice looking small patio type tree.  See the image below.  Make sure you place them in full sun. Partial shade will also work but it needs at least 6 hrs. of sun.  It will grow about 15 ft. tall and not quite as wide.

A row of beautiful lady banks roses.  They mainly bloom in mid-spring.

A yellow Lady Banks Rose nicely trimmed into a small tree. 

They will bloom in about mid-spring and will last about 3-4 weeks.  After the blooming season is over it is basically a nice green plant.  It is a semi-evergreen plant meaning it will lose some of its green foliage during the fall season and will regain all of its foliage back in early spring.

Beautiful long stems flowing with flowers from the middle towards the tips of the thornless stems.  There is also a pink Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ rose however, it rarely shows up in local nurseries.

Is a vine or is a bush?  Good question.  As mentioned earlier it is a climbing rose but the main trunk will eventually support itself.

It is not considered a drought-tolerant plant it needs regular watering during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Growing USDA zones are 6-9.

Problems with the Lady Banks Rose

Like most roses, aphids will attack this plant.  Use neem oil to kill these pests it will take several applications to kill these pests.  Insecticidal soaps also work great, learn more about how to use insecticidal soap. lt also might develop powdery mildew.  Need oil will also help keep powdery mildew in check.  Make sure to keep them away from sprinkler-systems if you water by hand only water at ground level.

Where do they come from?

Lady Banks Rose for landscape. According to the Lady Banks Rose is native to central China.  And according to it has the world’s largest white Lady Banks Rose.  It was planted in 1885 and still thrives to this day.  Read more about this amazing plant here.

Roses for the Southwest. 

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