Landscaping with Canna lilies

Landscaping with Canna lilies

Landscaping with Canna lilies (Cannaceae). If you are looking for a tropical look in your garden then cannas are the plants to have they thrive in the summer heat and will produce flowers over and over again. We also have Canna lily images on this post to help you decide if these plants are right for your landscaping needs.

The flowers are large and bright and the foliage is large often mistaken for banana plants and their color ranges from dark purple to light lime green.   They love good loamy organic soil and will bloom in full sun.

Most folks know these plants are rhizomes.  Basically, they are plants with numerous horizontal underground root system.  This means they will continue to grow and shoot out new plants from the root system.

Canna Lily Images – Below

Landscaping with Canna lilies
Orange Canna Lily

Landscaping with Canna lilies

There are many types of Canna lilies in the plant world.  The most common ones are in the photo below.

Top left – Yellow flowering canna lily Jamboree.  Top right – Red flowering Canna Firebird.
Bottom left – Dwarf pink flower canna.  Bottom right Tropicana canna bright orange flower.

A row of Ambassador Canna Lily plants

Landscaping with Canna lilies
Cannas planted alongside a cedar fence. Canna Ambassador.

Where to plant cannas?

They should be planted in full sun and a little shade is ok.  For a fantastic look, you can plant them in the back of your garden and place smaller perennials in the foreground.  Cannas are winter hardy and can be planted in zones 7-11.  Deadhead expired blooms throughout the growing season.  This will help produce new blooms.

Canna Lily Images
Canna Lily at Guzman’s Greenhouse Nursery Store.

Problems with Canna Lily

The most common problems are snails and slugs as they will suck on the new shoots of leaves producing small to large holes in the foliage.  Use a product called Sluggo to kill these garden pests.  You can also place a tin pan and pour a beer next to the plants.  Snail love beer and will fall in the pan and die.  The closer to the plants the better.

Insects on Canna Lilies

Aphids will attack these plants best to spray with an insecticidal soap to remove these insects.  Botrytis blight is a fungus disease that will infect Canna lilies.  Usually happens in regions where there is lots of rainfall.  Read more about Insects and Diseases on Plants.

How tall will Canna Lillies grow?

Cannas will grow about 4′ and up to 6′ tall it will depend on the variety and where they are placed.

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