Lily turf plants for landscape

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Lily turf plants (Liriope muscari) also called Liriope, monkey grass, border grass, and lilyturf.  They are considered evergreen perennial grass used for borders in and around lawns and other types of landscapes.

Lily turf plants for landscape
Lily Turf Plants form a nice border in front of this model home.
Lily turf plants
Lily Turf plants on a wall with shade.

They will eventually grow to about 2 ft. wide and 1.5 ft. tall producing a spikey purple-like bloom from mid-summer until late fall.

There are many varieties of lilyturf the one pictured below is the variegated Silvery Sunproof type.  Nice soft lilac flower spikes highlight this evergreen perennial.  From  This one tends to tolerate the southwest heat better than the common Lily Turf plant.

Lily turf plants for landscape

How to care for the Lily Turf Plant

They like plenty of water when first planted every day during the mid-summer heat.  After the 3rd year of growth, you can cut down considerably.  About every other day on a good drip system.  It is important to plant them in good loamy well-drained soil.  If water remains too long in the ground there is a good chance of root rot.

Where to place this plant?

You can place them in full sun or partial shade.  They will thrive in both conditions but water more often if in full sun.  A good plant to use as edging in pathways or place in pots.  Yes, they will do well in a nice decorative container.  These plants will work in USDA zones 6-11 check your zone here. 

Place them in a nice decorative container.  Remember you will have to water more often when this plant is in a pot.  Fertilize about 2-3 times per year during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Lily Turf Plants
Liriope in a nice decorative pot.

Problems with Lilyturf plants

The most common problems with these plants are mealybugs and snail damage.   Snails will shred the plant’s long slender foliage.  It’s best to use “Sluggo” to kill snails and slugs.  Sluggo is an organic product making it safe to use around pets.  Mealybugs can be a tuff insect to remove use a good spray insecticide at the first signs of mealybugs.

Lily Turf Plant
Liriope plant snail damage. Lily turf plants for the landscape.

Learn more about insects and diseases on plants.

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