Marguerite plants

Marguerite Daisy Plants – Easy Perennial/Annual Flower

Marguerite Daisy Plants (Argyranthemums frutescens) is a great flowering plant for the Southwest region. It can tolerate poor soils and will bloom from early spring until late fall.  It will surprise you with its fragrance.  You can plant them in containers by themselves or mix them in with other colorful plants.  Place these daisies in window boxes or in a garden bed.

They are easy-care plants and require little fertilizer but they should be watered every other day during the mid-summer heat.  You can deadhead them to encourage new growth and buds.

The most common ones are the light yellow flowers.  In regions where there are no freezes, it will come back.  However, it is considered an annual in USDA zones.

As mentioned earlier the Marguerite daisy likes water especially during the hot summer months in the Southwest.  Make sure the soil drains well. Use a good all-purpose fertilizer about 2-3 times during the growing seasons.

Other types of Marguerite daisies.

These plants come in various colors and types.  Most are dark to light yellow but they also come in white, light lavender and pink.

Monrovia wholesale nurseries have some nice looking hybrid daisies and you can read more about them at this link. It’s important to note some of these daisies are recommended for USDA zones 10-11 and are not recommended for the extreme hot Southwest weather.

The Daisies pictured below will thrive in and around the Southwest.

Marguerite Daisy Plants
Marguerite Daisy Plants in the garden

When to plant the Marguerite plant?

Marguerite Daisy Plants
Marguerite Daisy Plants in a decorative pot

The best time is in early spring either by seeds or in pots that can be purchased at your local nursery.  It is an excellent plant to attract butterflies and bees.  

Problems with these plants.

The plant can develop root rot if the soil does not drain well.  Snails are also a big problem they will chomp on the foliage of the Marguerite Daisy you can use Sluggo™ to kill these garden pests.  Sluggo™ is an organic product and can be purchased at most gardening or nursery stores including the big box ones. Spider mites and aphids are also a problem spray with neem oil to remove these pests.

You can read more about Common insects and diseases on plants.

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