Mexican Elder Tree Southwest

Mexican Elder Tree Southwest (Sambucus mexicana)

Mexican Elder Tree Southwest
A great looking Mexican Elder Tree

Mexican Elder trees or Sambacus Mexicana Is a good small ornamental shade trees. Once established they are somewhat drought tolerant.  It is best to water almost daily for the first 3 years after initial planting.  The flowers and berries it produces are edible and many people use them to make jelly and pies.

The Mexican Elder Tree

Try deep watering at least once per week during the hottest part of the summer season. They love the spring and fall seasons and that is when they look their best.

The hot mid-summer southwestern heat will stress a lot of folks in this part of the country, including this very interesting tree. Placing them in an area where they get shade from the afternoon sun will also help.

When to prune the Mexican Elder?

It is best to prune dead limbs in early spring, this will help with better looks throughout the summer months. They will produce light yellow blooms near the crown of the tree not very showy but some good color.

How tall will this tree get?

This tree will reach a height of about 30ft. tall and about 25ft wide. We recommend extra watering and fertilizing during mid-summer to keep it looking good during the mid-summer heat.  It is a slow-growing tree and provides some shade during summer.

Color Your World Guzman’s Garden Centers will sometimes have the Mexican Elder in stock during the spring, summer, and fall months.  It is a tree that is rarely carried by our Wholesale Garden suppliers.

Problems with the Mexican Elder Tree?

It is susceptible to borers and spider mites.  Use a good systemic insecticide to kill these pests.  Learn more here at Insects and Diseases on Plants.

Mexican Elder Tree
Sambucus Mexicana

Does this tree bloom?

The Mexican Elder does have a light yellow almost white flower not showy but profuse during the mid-spring seasons.

Mexican Elder Tree Southwest
Mexican Elder tree in front of typical Southwest Style Home.



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